Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Itty Bitty

After hemming my beautiful new curtains, I used some of the remnants to create a little curtain for the bench nook-thing in the living room.

First, I measured the window, the I measured the remnants and cut it to size (+1 inch) Luckily since the curtain already was...a curtain so I didn't have to worry about making a pocket or anything like that.

Since the curtain was prone to fraying I decided to do a french seam. Then I decided I should probably tell you what a french seam is.

A french seam is a completely enclosed seam.


First, using the presser foot, create a seam with the WRONG SIDES TOGETHER (I know, weird, do it anyway) so you'll be stitching on the right sides.

Then, trim your seam down to about a 1/4 inch.

Then flip over to the wrong side of your fabric and pinch your seam to make it flat. Pin.

Now this is usually where I say to Iron your material so it's easier to capture the little seam.

Memo to self, don't iron these curtains, and don't light the house on fire.

Don't curtains are just a little shorter than I originally anticipated. WompWomp...

After you pin your seam flat- it will look like your project is folded wrong.

Following the presser foot, stitch next to your original seam. You will be sewing on the wrong side of your fabric. When you open your fabric, you'll have this cute little closed seam!

Yay! No Fraying.

 Then put it up!

Why did I need a little curtain?

Well, this window is right by our front door. And yes, you could totally peek in through it standing on our front porch and see everything in our house. It needed dressing. Bad.

Is it the spring yet? I want to paint the porch so bad!

Example of how you can peek into our house. You never know what you'll see!

Here it is on the inside, all dolled up!

I love the way it plays off the seal.

No more creepers bein' creepy!

YES! Another thing off the to-do list. I love when that happens.

In the mean time, All the energy I have is going to these little quick projects. But, never fear- I have ALL NEXT WEEK OFF.

With slave labor.

That's right. My college girlies are coming to be my slaves.

So, if I'm lame until then, please humor me :)


  1. did you dare paint the rest of your living room seal and not tell us about it?! :)

    1. LOL! No, just the fireplace wall. Don't worry- I'm not that mean.

  2. I never knew those were called French seams. Your curtain is cute!

    Also, I never noticed the fancy wood (or plaster?) work on that wall. Very nice.

    1. Yay! Learning! :) And's totally paneling. lol

  3. I'm glad the great melt of 2012 didn't throw any major wrenches in your plans, because that curtain turned out PERFECT!

    I would sit all day on that little nook and be the queen. It's like the driver seat of the house!

    1. It is quite cute isn't it? And it's interesting because the house next door (which looked identical in 1907)- doesn't have it! So I'm not sure if it was original or if somebody put it in- who knows!

  4. Pretty pretty! I wish I could sew so I could do stuff like this. We had a problem with an undressed window, too, but it was this huge sliding glass door. I just knew some creeper was trying to peek in at night. So finally we got some curtain rods and curtains. Makes me feel much better.

    1. Nate didn't believe me that someone was obviously sitting on our porch all the time staring at our stuff while we weren't there. I'm glad you understand.


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