Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jewelry Storage, Like a Boss

As a jewelry designer, I have so much jewelry floating around my house. Along with my personal collection, I also have all of my inventory as well as vintage finds that I buy in bulk to either recreate into something new, or to sell/wear. If I wasn't able to keep up storage wise, my house would look like a bead store threw up in it. Because of this, I thought I would share some organizational tricks I've implemented over the years. 

Did you know you can store earrings on a decorative bird cage?

Or necklaces on a curtain rod? (Even a cheap one?)

You can even store smaller items (or in my case, loose beads) in old cassette tape holders- which you can find at garage sales or resale shops. Baseball card holders work well too.

I've also been known to store earrings in embroidery thread cases, which you can buy at any craft store.
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There are also the obvious ways of storing jewelry, like on earring or necklace trees, or in your traditional jewelry boxes (I just know, I have wayyyy too much jewelry for that!)

Here are some of my tips and tricks to keeping your jewelry looking nice, and being able to wear what you thought you couldn't:

  • If at all possible, keep your necklaces hanging off center. It is important to keep your necklaces hanging up if for nothing else than to keep them untangled. But, if you hang them slightly off center (especially the heavier ones) your clasps will keep their tightness longer.
  • Take your fine jewelry to get cleaned every six months (I'm usually in the mall around June and December between birthdays and Christmas, so I take all mine in when I'm doing my regular shopping)
  • If you know someone that works with jewelry, have them tighten your beaded necklaces about once a year. The wire will stretch and potentially break.
  • Ever had that necklace fall off right by the clasp? Check the base of it. Usually it is a simple problem that putting the chain back in the loop and tightening the loop with a pair of pliers can fix. Along with this, if you have a lobster claw clasp that breaks, undo the loop, and add a new lobster clasp on. You can buy hole bags of them very reasonably at craft stores.
  • Have sensitive ears? You can buy any pair of earring you want, as long as you go to a craft store and purchase platinum or gold earring hooks. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, open the loop and slip the charm off. Follow the same process to put it on the better quality earring.
  • Also, for a random project, if you have necklaces that have broken, save the beads and put them in a clear glass vase. Down the road, you will have a beautiful almost sand-art type piece full of those memories that you aren't ready to part with yet. I have been working on one with beads that I don't use (you know, the random hot pink bead that didn't match a pattern or something).

Do you guys have any jewelry storage tips/advice? I've been using my week off to get back into the spirit of jewelry and would love to hear what colors you're all wearing or things you'd like to see in the PleasanTrees shop. 


  1. ... I have never got my engagement & wedding ring cleaned. I'm a horrible person. You have inspired me to do so.

  2. For bead storage I use one of thoose spinning spice racks, you can grab one for a couple of bucks. Kinda like this,, you can find them for next to nothing if you look around. Love the blog & the house.

    1. Yes! Those are great! Thank you so much :)


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