Monday, December 3, 2012

Paint Like Your Life Depends on It

So, a post I wrote on Saturday on Twitter got a lot of feedback so I will post it here as well.

To whoever created Popcorn Walls: Your Mother is a Whore.

Yep. That's how I felt all weekend, and my back agrees.

I would say it was worth it though...all for this.

You can't really tell from the before picture, but this wall is among the most intensely popcorned wall I have ever come across. Some of the texture protrudes half an inch from the wall. The beige also made the fireplace fade into the wall, which is sad as it's almost seven feet tall.

I was going to paint the entire formal living room because it was close to the top of my to-do list. The other walls were going to be more complicated, so I thought "I'll start on this wall so it will only take an hour or so."

8 hours later, and this bitch definitely needed a nice glass of Rosé.

I used a super thick napped roller (as you are supposed to use with textured walls) but ended up only rolling a two or three foot section at a time. Then, I had to go through and dab paint using a sponge brush to cover each individual popcorn. After two hours I'd only gotten a quarter of the way up the fireplace and I was about to lost my mind.

Climb up the ladder. Roll. Climb down the ladder. Grab the paint brush. Climb up the ladder. Dab, Dab, Dab, Dab. Climb down the ladder. Assess. Repeat.









This was my Saturday. (Luckily, Sunday was better, I had a surprise visit from my parents- new shoes were involved. BOOTS WITH FRINGE)

Hours, upon hours later and the wall was totally worth it and super bitchin'.

We used the Seal color by Martha Stewart that we used in the bathroom, and we think it makes the fireplace pop right off the wall.

It will also look fantastic when we get to the foyer.

And it looks lovely when you look towards the family room.

Luckily my meticulousness made it so I didn't have to do a second coat- so there's some sanity... Did anyone else do a project that made them hate everything this weekend?


  1. Love it! It really looks fantastic, Emma. And I'm sorry about the evil qualities of popcorn texture. I'm sending an evil look to whomever developed that particular level of hell. Popcorned ceilings, too. Probably the same person.

    The Seal looks so good, and now the fireplace really does pop!

    1. Thank you, Tracie! I appreciate it. :) And yes...I must have done something in a past life that sucked because I have popcorned walls and textured ceilings...

  2. The upside? The texture almost looks like grasscloth in the picture. It is a beautiful improvement.

    1. Thank you, but the real upside was you sticking by me all weekend (even though you're across the country) dealing with me being hella frustrated. Thank you for being "there" for me! :)

  3. love love love that color- i hope you never have to paint those walls again!!

  4. bahahaha! Thanks for making me laugh today. The paint looks great, and I hope you enjoyed your wine ;)
    I stumbled on your blog randomly and I'm sure I'll be back!

    1. I'm glad my pain brings you so much joy! ;) Please come back! We love new brokies!

  5. Ugh! I have textured walls in our downstairs bathroom that I'm not looking forward to dealing with. I'm thinking of slapping beadboard up over it to reduce the square footage. But, yes, all worth it for you, because it looks great!

  6. LOL, I just had hubby paint a room that was HIGHLY textured--I'm loving it, but I think he shared your misery. I'm enjoying your blog:)

    1. You're a cruel woman, Cindy! :) Thanks for stopping in! I hope you stay with us!

  7. Oh yay! You picked the color I voted for! :-D

    It looks FANTASTIC with the stained trim - really gorgeous!! Great job!

    The only suggestion I would have, is that if you want those popcorn bumpies to hide a little bit more, using a flat paint will help with that - BUT it is harder to clean a flat dark color. But it really does help hide imperfections in a wall surface.

    Love it!!

    1. Yes! I completely agree with you- flat does hide bumps better- sadly, Seamus has taken to rubbing his itchy back up against the popcorn (classy dude, right?) in our townhome there was a dirt line perfectly at Seamus level that was impossible to clean and it was revolting to look at- so our house will forever be shiny paint! (but damn, do I love me some flat paint...which is why a lot of our accessories are flat)


      I hope everyone goes out and buys some. Join the club, Lizaanne, we have jackets.

    2. LOL!!! I was actually thinking --- hmmmmmm, where could I use that color?? :-D

      My little shoebox of a house is SOOO tiny though, I can only get away with one dark room, and that's my living room. It's currently (flat) Ralph Lauren Stadium Red, and it's freaking drop dead gorgeous...if I must say so myself. ;-)

      You can see the color here (but they did it shiny - flat is the way to go):

      I need to work on it though, I could rock the jacket I'm sure.


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