Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa Lives In Michigan

Did you know that Santa lives in Michigan? Midland, Michigan to be exact. Since my sister moved to the town of Santa's vacation home, we have added it to our Christmas traditions. Here is a picture of my niece, K in front of Santa's House last year.

Santa's house is a fantastic display of animatronics, festiveness and the best freaking Santa in the world. It's like Disney Land for Christmas. You just can't help but be Jolly. The City of Midland spends all year working on Santa's house and Santa even has a festival for his arrival when he takes a few weeks off to come to his vacation home (he is of course, gone, for Christmas Eve and Day.) To make it even better, Santa's house is EMPTY the rest of the year. Not just anybody gets to live in Santa's house.

This year, we happened to come on a lucky day when two of his reindeer (Comet and Blitzen) had flown into town.

Once you're inside, you even have the opportunity to sit inside of Santa's Sleigh. We were even one of the first in line so we were able to sing FREAKING CAROLS. WITH. SANTA. CLAUS.

We sang carols with Santa. It's pretty much a big deal.

Oh and by the way, the big guy? He's pretty freaking awesome.

See? Coolest, freaking, handle-bar mustache wearing, bad ass, slightly slimmer than usual (to make room for cookies) Santa.

He even had some DIY inspired decor inside of his house this year.

I was surprised to see the size of the tools used by such tiny people.

They even had this awesome, totally amazing paint brush mobile. Which...I'll probably imitate when I have small children.

If there is any place more magical than Santa's house I haven't had a chance to see it.

Do you guys have any special traditions that aren't done on Christmas day? The day with my sister's family is probably my favorite holiday of all (and it's not even on a calender!)


  1. If I ever have my dream workshop, it will have a paint brush mobile.

  2. That looks like so much fun! And we all know Kenz's future kids will have paint brush mobiles.

  3. I'm glad everyone is as enthusiastic about the paint brush mobile as I am.

  4. Fun! We have a Santa house near here (occupied by a real guy and his real wife, who are just....very into Christmas), but we haven't made it out the past couple of years. Next year! with a baby!


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