Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sentimental Decor

I hope you all enjoyed our awkwardness yesterday.

For the record, all corn dog casserole is, is two boxes of corn bread mix prepared as usual with a can of corn and cut up hot dogs. Serve with Ketchup. Super complicated :)

We had the joys of going up north to my sister's house for Christmas this weekend and of course, because it's us, we had to putter a little bit. It's nearly impossible for us not to.

Cora had already done a lot of the grunt work in her master bedroom. She already removed some nasty pheasant wall paper and painted.

Here's her room before she removed all of the paper. She had been trying to work with it by purchasing this bed spread that had coordinating colors, but it's quite difficult to live with aged blue gingham and a pheasant border. At least for me anyway.

After all of her dirty work, it looked like this.

Much better.

So, this weekend, my sister and I talked about how important it is to add things that are sentimental without being obvious. I've done this before by adding a wreath that we had at our wedding on our back deck. Every time I see it, I'm reminded of the wedding, but someone who wasn't there thinks it is just a pretty item.

Cora and her husband, Peter, had a winter wonderland themed wedding and this year are celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary. She had a stack of metal snowflakes (which snowflakes in general make her cry now) that were sitting in her basement. We arranged them and made the boys hang them up over her bed.

How beautiful and airy is that? I think she did such a good job making their master a wonderful hideout. I've always dreamed of an airy bedroom...but some how I just can't pull it off.

Cora and Peter's bedroom also falls under the compromise category. Cora LOVES purple, by buying a blue and purple bedspread, she got her pops of purple without being trapping Peter into a solid purple color scheme.

This is another piece of sentimental artwork they have acquired. It is a water color painting of the building they got married in.

Some other pieces of sentimental art that Nate and I have incorporated into our house are these peacock feathers which were stuffed into my wedding bouquet.

Here is a picture of it in my bouquet...because I love this picture and to put it into context.

I simply love having subtle reminders of things that mean a lot to us. It's so easy to hanging a giant picture of your wedding kiss (which you should SO do, I've been meaning to enlarge the one up above for 3 years...I'll get there eventually)

What sentimental things do you guys have around your house?


  1. I love how simple it is to incorporate meaningful decor into a design. It's fun, because it's like a little secret without being too obvious. At our wedding, we had green apples everywhere! Our centerpieces were made from green apples. The art in our front room happens to feature a green apple.

    Thanks for this tender post :)

  2. We didn't have a real wedding due to husband's family being major you-know-whats, so I have no real mementos of that. We also lost half of our wedding day pictures, as they were taken on a digital camera and the computer they were downloaded to got wiped. Not that there's very much special about a kiss in front of City Hall.

    With our new house needing to be decorated, I keep wanting to incorporate little sentimental things like this into a gallery wall or something, but I'm at a loss where to start due to the aforementioned issues. My first thought is a post card or some other relevant art from where we had our honeymoon, but that's just one thing. I guess a start is better than nothing...

    I love those snowflakes, by the way. And if they want to swap it out in the summer months, they could probably find metal flower art to put in place. What a fun way to change with the seasons. :)

    Erika (hoping comments go through this time!)

    1. Hi Erika!

      I think there is something VERY special about a kiss in front of City Hall. It is still where you started your lives together. I think a picture or silhouette of City Hall is a great way to remember the day since you sadly lost so much of the physical evidence. I think a post card is also a great way to remember it. Even a picture of your rings is sweet. I hope that helps you jump start your memory wall!


    2. Yay, it worked! For some reason if I try to respond with the name/url option my comment gets eaten to never be seen again. So many posts I tried to comment on... :|

    3. Oh no! That is devastating. Quick! Tell me everything.

  3. This is such a sweet post. You've given me a lot to ponder.

    Your poor sister made a gallant effort to love that '80s border...but no. Just no. It was so bad! Her room is so pretty now. Love the wall color, the comforter, and all the little personal touches.

  4. The sentimental décor shown by you is beautiful. It is a fabulous article

    1. Thank you very much. I hope you have some around your home as well!


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