Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Dual Flush Toilet Gut Swapping Fiasco

What's up, Brokies!  Nate here, doing my first ever blog post. Ever. So this is my blog-cherry; please be gentle.

Also, I was told not to cuss like I usually do, so I'll try my best- but I do work in a factory so please excuse me if I offend.

Emma and I wanted to install a dual-flush system in our upstairs toilet to try to save on water. And you know, to help the Earth and shit. We bought one at the Depot (our place of peace and imagination) for $25. It said on the box that no tools were required, it would be easy, and it would take 10 minutes.

If only my life was that simple.

I started by taking the top of the tank off to see what I had to work with.

I shut the water off, unhooked the water line, soaked up and drained all the water and prepared to switch out the guts.  This is what I had to work with:

(PS: these are not the actual pictures, I actually had to re-create the situation because I tried to make it a surprise for Emma.  Little did I know, the joke was on me.)

The instructions told me to take out the pump system as well as the rubber stopper on the tank that drains into the toilet.  The new overflow was to go over the drain and latch on to the overflow tube. Sounds easy enough.  Except, there was one problem: the upstairs toilet was probably ten years too old. The water level weight and the overflow was the SAME DAMN SYSTEM (not two individual)! it looked like this:

It was supposed to look like this- a more modern, usable system:

 In more detail, the overflow was supposed to look like this:

So, in true fasion of my family namesake, what was supposed to be a ten minute fun activity just took a turn for the long haul bullshit train.  Dammit.

To make the system work, I had to get my wrench, detatch the the tank, and take the whole old system out. Only to put a newer system in the tank in order to put the BRAND new system over that. *sigh*. 

I got everything out and then I hit another roadblock: I need a newer system. @#$#^#&*! 

But then I remembered: the old downstairs toilet (that we took out a few weeks ago) with the newer system in it is still in the garage! Hazzah! Take THAT, old toilet! My laziness has provided a newer system for nothing on the dollar! HA!

So, after installing the newer system, re-attaching the tank, following instructions (yes, I am the rare breed that actually reads the intrustions, because all this new-fangled crap is so confusing, I refuse to take chances) and successfully getting evrything hooked back up, I was ready to fill the tank and start fine-tuning the fill system.

By the way, if you have to go through this process yourself- removing the tank and all that- be sure when you re-attach your tank, use the correct rubber ring for the drain. Just saying. I certainly did. I so did NOT use the wrong ring, fill the tank, and did NOT have a leak under the tank, which would have begun to flood all over the bathroom. Which would have forced me to re-drain the tank, re-remove the tank, find the rubber ring from the system I JUST got done putting in, attach the right ring, re-re-attach the tank, double check my seals and then have everything work just fine. Nope. Did it right the first time. No mistakes made here, which would have been followed by a string of obscenties and a desire to throw the damned toilet out the damned window saying to hell with the whole damned thing.

Nope. Perfection.


Okay, fine, I messed up.

Anyways, here's the final, finished product:

Pretty sexy, eh? My favorite piece was the new handle:

After all the bullcrap, pain, and mistakes, the system works perfectly. The dual flush system has two flush modes: half and full. The half mode uses (shocker) only half the tank water and takes care of the minor problems. And the full flush, holy crap! I'm not going into detail, but watching it work...it's pretty intense. I am very happy with the new system and would highly recommend it.

You know, for Earth and shit.

Also, just in case you were wondering, Batman comes out today on DVD. I'm not saying...but I'm saying that if you have anyone with a hint of testosterone in your home, you should go pick it up today. Also, Emma- please go pick it up. Please? Please?

I'm Batman.


  1. really I just want to say I AM SO HAPPY IT'S BATMAN DAY.

    that is all :)

    1. We are celebrating Batman day over here as well.

      I laughed out loud about the fact Nate did this as a surprise...then had to recreate doing it so Emma could take pictures for the blog.

      Do you think there's a husband of bloggers support group?

    2. Ha- Tracie! They would be so lucky to have a support group. He actually WAS doing it as a surprise but because a ten minute thing ended up being 4 or 5 hours I might have come home from work to see it happening. No surprises for me! -E

  2. Kenz @ Interiors By KenzDecember 4, 2012 at 9:51 AM

    Wow... installing a dual flush sounds like a pretty crappy job. But you know... for the earth. I can handle that. How much did the kit cost?

    1. The kit was $25- we found it in an end cap next to the toilets (we actually bought it at the same time as the shiny white toilet for the downstairs bath) -E

  3. This is epic. You should write more posts. Pretty please with batarangs on top? I've always hesitated when it comes to messing with the plumbing. I guess I can take the plunge with this project!

    1. Well...if your request includes batarangs... ;)

    2. "take the plunge"....ROFL!!!!

  4. We're getting Batman, too!!!

    We rent right now, but the dual flush is definitely one of the first things we're doing when we buy.

    1. BATMAN. We haven't gotten a water bill since it was installed, but I am interested to see the difference!

  5. plumbing sucks!! But nice job and congrats to the hubby on a job well done with his first post.

  6. Nate Nate ,I like when you blog! congrats on the pretty toilet lol... and batman


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