Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where do we go from here?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm mildly to moderately obsessed with musicals. Yep. I'll admit it. I'll even admit that I'm listening to my Rogers & Hammersteins Pandora Station.

So when we finished the dining room yesterday, I waltzed around my house singing this beaut from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical episode. ( didn't know there was one? It's on Netflix. Last episode of Season 6. Do it and giggle)

So after my dance, NateNate and I sat down to discuss possibilities and the answer was glaring us right in the face. The first floor bathroom.

It's located right off the family room in this weird...bump of an extension on the house. Yes, that is what that door was.

We've been kind of ignoring that bathroom since there's nothing "wrong" with it. ...It could just be so much better. Although that is how most of our house is. Nothing in our house is like CODE RED, FIX THIS. (well, except the roof. but we'll get there) as it was renovated in 2006.

Here's a picture (courtesy of our listing agent) of the half of the bathroom we'll be focusing on. Because yes, I forgot to take a picture while the sun was still up.

The layout of this bathroom is REALLY wonky, which is why we're only focusing on this half of the room.

The shower stall almost touches the vanity so you have to side step to get to that little area behind it. That little area also just happens to have a beautiful big window- which coincidentally lets no light into the space because the shower stall runs to 6 inches below the ceiling (it's a low clearance room) and has a wall that faces the window.

Yeah, right? Who puts a shower stall where it will block a window? What is the point of even having the damn window?

Eventually what we want to do is something like either of these...

But that is like, way down the road. The dollar signs are too intimidating right now. But, because we want to get rid of the shower stall to fix water problems and to let some light into the room, we are not going to be messing with the Terra Cotta floors. There's no point when they're going to get taken out when we rip the shower apart anyway.

But yes, back to this:

Here is our plan:
  1. Replace the 25 year old almond toilet with a new bright white, energy efficient one.
  2. Stain the vanity a non-oak color (we need to keep this vanity as it is the only bathroom storage in the house)
  3. New drawer pulls
  4. New Countertop/Sink/Faucet
  5. Frame mirror
  6. Paint Every. Single. Surface. (Trim, walls, ceiling, moldings...)
  7. Add crown molding
  8. Potentially add track lighting to get rid of boob lamps
  9. Frost Window
  10. Add Art
We are thinking a budget of $300-$500 should suffice for this part of the bathroom, with the majority of it going to the new toilet and a plumber (that sink has had a clog since before we moved in that we've never been able to break). We made the mutual decision last night that if we go much over that we need to put the brakes on until after the holidays. We don't want to have a lame Christmas with our nieces and nephew because we got plumber happy or something.

Have you guys done a "lipstick" job on your bathroom? Do you have any tricks or regrets?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wagner, Table of Six

I hope everyone is staying safe during Sandy. We are about 750 miles from the Atlantic and Lake Michigan is expected to have three story waves that will shut down most of the coast lines. I woke up this morning, and even in my little Lansing neighborhood we have trees down, super intense wind and freezing rain. Yuck! Hell of a storm out there!

Onto the house though...the chairs came! I may or may not have hulked open the box before Nate got home (which was not easy as it was taller and wider than I am) I open them up...and SWOONED.

The petina totally rocks. It's uneven and grungy and just oozing in sex.

That's right. I said my chairs ooze sex. You can take it anyway you'd like. That's just what the chairs told me to say.

So after I hulked and set them up... I made the magic happen.

May I announce, the dining room.

Like the high chair? It was built the same year as our house and I snagged it for $15. That's like $0.13 for every year it has been in existence. DEAL.


And here is how it interacts with the other side of the room...


And there we have it! The yellows are the same (same gallon of paint and everything) With the light coming in through the big window makes it hard to photograph them correctly.

I have just a few things left to do, I need to add length to the big white curtains, make some pillows as well as potentially hang up more art. I think that'll happen in time. I am a little burned out on the space. However, as our first room makeover comes to a close, we feel a big sense of pride and renewed energy.

It's kind of funny how one second you're like "That's it! I'm too tired!" then you walk out of the room,  come back in and suddenly it's like, "OKAY! WHAT NOW?!"

I think the best thing is how many projects of this we did on our own. For first time clickers, here is the total list of things we did.

-Refinished a Fraternity House table (there's a million posts as it almost killed me, so we'll call it this one for funsies...)
-Demolished and reworked the bookshelves. (1, 2)
-Added a pallet focal wall behind the swivel TV mount we installed.
-Created pallet wall art for the dining room
-Upcycled a chandelier
-Sewed valances

And probably a jillion other things that I probably can't think of. Not to mention how much money we saved by doing it all ourselves...

What do you guys think?


Monday, October 29, 2012

And the winner is...

Thank you to everyone who posted a comment on last Thursday's giveaway post for Indestructible Dog! They are an amazing company and I am so pleased that we've had the opportunity to be both loyal customers with her as well as having the chance to spread the word.

Our random winner is... DENISE! Denise, please e-mail us by tomorrow so we can send you your new goodies! (And don't worry y'all, if we don't hear from Denise there'll be a runner up!)

As for everyone else, please take this chance to go to ID and pick up some tough dog toys for your babies and use coupon code BROKEASSHOME for 10% off your total order until November 8.

We had a little dog moment this weekend, as we celebrated Bridget's Happy Home Day. She has officially been with us for a year! We can't imagine life without our little BridgiButt.

Now, I feel like we've been dog/table chatting for a long time so, while I hope you all had a good weekend- we have been super busy. And no, we didn't get a lot of house stuff done this weekend- it was kind of a nice break, as we've been working our tails off. We wanted to take the opportunity to show a lot of our friends our house (yep, been in like 4 months, still haven't really had people over). Plus, Nate and I got engaged on Halloween three years ago, so we always have a big Halloween Party anyway. We decided to mush the two occasions together and last Friday, we Party Rocked. We also had Nate's Aunt's wedding this I said, super busy!

I wanted to share a couple things Nate and I do to throw a successful Halloween Party.

1.) Have a variety of snackies.
  • It's good to have lots of different things for people to munch on as the night progresses. People are a lot less likely to..uh... "over-do" it, if there's a constant supply of yummies in their tummies.
  • One real yummy one that we did this year was a snack mix including, peanuts, fritos, pretzels, candy corn, and M&Ms. So. Good.

2.) Label things that might be hazardous to some people.
  • I used PicMonkey to make simple signs saying, "This snack contains Peanuts" or "This is alcoholic!"

3.) Cater to your friends that don't drink
  • I always make "Virgin Jello Shots" at all of our big parties. Basically, it's one oz. portions of Jello in the same containers as the regular Jello Shots. I make them an obvious different color and hang a sign up saying which color is which. All my non-drinkers find it funny and enjoy the fact they still get to partake in some drinking shenanigans without actually drinking.
  • I also mulled the apple cider without any alcohol in it so people could add it if they wanted it, or leave it out if they didn't.
 4.) Have a bucket of old costumes that people can borrow if they didn't have time to dress up, or they may not have realized people were going to be dressing up.

This year we went as Jaws, Captain Quint, and the three yellow barrels from Jaws. (The dogs were were cooperative in the makings of their costumes- and yes. Much to Nate's grumbling, Teagan got a Tutu, because I made them, and I can.)

Guess you could say, I'm a man-eatter.

Now we just patiently await the possibilities of Trick-or-Treat-ers. Lansing does soooo many organized events that we've never actually gotten a ToT before. I really really hope we get one this year! I want one so bad!

What have you guys been ogling at Indestructible Dog? What are you guys going to be for Halloween?

Friday, October 26, 2012

So you wanted ANOTHER table Post? Bitches be Cray.

I leaked the other day that I did the table gray and yellow. (P:S is it Gray or Grey? I've never actually been able to figure that one out) I thought I would detail some of the process of doing the table so as soon as we reveal it we can MOVE ON. (I don't know about you guys, but I'm over the damn dining room!)

Last time you guys saw the table, I showed it half stripped with Zip Strip and half stripped with Citristip.

With a blank slate, we were ready to add color/stain, and we knew we wanted to do a two toned table from pins like this...
I'd love to tell you where this is from, but it is a dead link

Actually this pin is pretty much EXACTLY what we are doing/did- only less crappy chic (sorry- I like clean paint- I've never understood the whole chippy paint thing).

When we first bought the table, we purchased Minwax's antique walnut stain. We thought it would go really well with a few antiques I picked up (as part of the reveal) and the wood would be a nice contrast tone.

Then, when I was doing my 4 hour run to every damn hardware store in the Lansing area looking for ZipStrip, I stumbled across this color at Menard's. Trust me, I'd been in every single store and I had never seen it before!

It is called "Classic Gray" and is apparently part of their new line of tinted stains. I got slightly giddy and snagged it up, because as you can see in the picture above, it resembles pallet board very closely and if you can remember the family room (which is part of the dining room), we did pallet accents, as well as making pallet art for the dining room. So rotting wood is all over the place! While I think the Antique Walnut would have been pretty too, I think this is much more what we were going for.

To apply the stain, simply use a foam brush and follow the grain of the wood. Let it sit 10-20 minutes depending on how dark you want it (we actually left ours on overnight one coat because we wanted it as dramatic as possible). Once it's to the color you'd like, wipe off the excess with a jersey cloth. If needed, apply more coats.

While that was drying, I spray primed the legs of the table as well as the underside. I did use a brush for the lip of the table, but I thought it'd be way easier on the curvy legs to spray them.

After the primer was dry, I went through and painted several layers of the color onto them. I think this picture was coat one.

And somehow by happy accident, after 3 coats of stain, and it still not absobing all the way (mostly on the parts I used CitriStrip and I couldn't get everything removed/clean, and blotches of wood color were still coming through. I couldn't decide if it looked awesome or terrible, when Nate pulled out a leftover board of pallet. They looked like the pallet had gotten plastic surgery and turned into a table.

This picture is a prime example of what the orange peg boards do to pictures...

I still can't decide if it will make me look lazy or like I "distressed" it on purpose- though at this point, I don't particularly care. Ok, I really do care. But, this is week 2 of this table monopolozing my life and I just want it in the dining room. The chairs will be here Monday and I will eat dinner on this thing in triumph. Damnit. :)

What do you think? Lazy, or awesome?