Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And on the Second Day...There was more light!

We are light hoarders. It is developing into a problem around here. I am not exaggerating when I tell you this. In our house, right now there are:

3 light fixtures in the garage
1 on the dining room table
4 in the basement
3 upstairs

This means, right now, there are 11 light fixtures in my house right now.



So, when Nate took me out to IKEA a few weeks ago to get my studio, what did we do?

We bought more light fixtures.

Yeah. Screw it. Admitting is the first step to recovery. That, and forcing Nate to install all this shit.

Our master bedroom's light situation is awesome (awesome because there is so much light) but awkward (because the placement doesn't make sense...). In addition to our ceiling fan, there are two manually operated sconces that are on opposite sides of the room. You'd think they were supposed to be bedside lamps, but my bed doesn't take up the ENTIRE room.

We've been searching for several months for some bedside lamps, which was oddly difficult due to the size of our nightstands. We have 2 antique nightstands that we adore. They are small, have one drawer each, and one was given to us while we bought the other off craigslist. They work well together- and this is coming from the kid that thinks nothing in the world should match- other than nightstands.

Our nightstands have probably 1 sq foot of table space each, which was presenting several issues when finding lamps we enjoyed that didn't take up too much real estate.

So when we were still being overjoyed by the ability to install an overhead light in my studio, we discovered that IKEA also had wall mounted sconces that, my favorite, require NO ELECTRICIAN.

Seriously. Two Screws. Chicka-Chicka-Yeahhhh.

This is the Alang wall lamp from IKEA. It goes for $20 a piece which is less than we were going to spend for table lamps, and wayyyy less than if we'd hired an electrician to install junction boxes to hang traditional sconces.

We hung them on either side of our bed and now we have pretty pretty lights and we still aren't losing our night stands. And, there's a Seamus.

Sadly, we can't case the wires since the switch is located on the wires. As of now, I don't care, but it might bother me enough to force a solution down the road- but for now, "we cool".


 Anyone else have a light hoarding problem like me?


  1. I really like the solution of wall lamps vs sconces. I DO love sconces, but I've always been too chicken to install them on either side of the bed, because, what if I rearrange my furniture?? Then there are just two out of place permanent light fixtures. It looks great doll face. Oh, and I'm sure if you really were concerned with the chords blending in, you could probably spray paint them grey to match your walls.

  2. ooh, look--I've never noticed those at Ikea before! Great solution. I am not a light hoarder, but maybe I should be, because this house is remarkably inconsistent about providing overhead lighting to me. We had an electrician out who told us it would cost a gazillion dollars per room to put them in. Something like that, anyway. Enough that I thought it might be cheaper for one of to go to electrician school instead.

    1. It really is outrageous! We have really weird lighting in this house, so plug in options are really the best. Not only that, but our walls are so fragile (we really need to drywall...we didn't think we were going to need to, but I think it's definitely going to have to happen...maybe we'll learn when Nate has his shutdown in July) that even just screwing these in we made some serious crumbly holes in the wall. Hot Mess. But hey, they're in, they're not permanent, and all it took was an extension cord!

  3. Oh, Emma, I hope you don't have to drywall the ceiling. That was a marriage tester.

    Love the sconces! This might be a good of use of washi tape, to wrap the cords with.

    1. If we want to fix some stuff we probably will. We have panneling OVER popcorn, or just straight popcorn that is hovering off the wall. You can push on it and the walls will move. (You can see in one picture above how horrid the popcorn looks- in the 3rd picture) I think they popcorned before the house fully settled so now it buckles out from the wall.

      And I hadn't thought of Washi tape. That may be a way to go!

  4. There's nothing wrong with being a hoarder. Embrace it! ;) If it makes you feel better, we have wall lamps that have been in the garage for 4 (!!!!!) years. Also I hoard chairs, so I've got that going for me.

  5. I think I have just the place to hang these kind of lights in my house.....once I finish the window seat I want to make!!

  6. I really like them! I am actually looking for sconces just like that because our LOVING home builder built our house with this nifty little crooked wall, which is the ONLY wall the bed can go on....seriously. It's not even big enough for nightstands to fit on both sides of the bed...grrr..So, these are a PERFECT solution! I was planning on doing a fabric headboard (the kind that Brooke on All Things Thrifty did and then I was just going to hide the cord under the squares somehow (I'll figure it out...)


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