Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And We're Back! DIYAS Style!

On Monday, the DIY Action Squad will assemble yet again to present to you, my lovely readers, projects pertaining to our most frequently asked question.

"What are some projects I can do, inexpensively, when I get home from work?"

We all work, come home exhausted, and all we want to do is curl up on the couch with our animal of choice (husband included) and watch crappy TV. Then the weekend comes and we have to spend it all getting ready for the next week- it is a vicious cycle that leaves no time to DIY anything.

We will each present a project that takes 15 minutes and will be under $15. We hope that you all will have some ready as well, because we are going to be linking up! (I'm having a link partyyyyyy)

What, does no one else sing "Me Party" from the new Muppet movie, like, all the time?


Stew over some quick projects and report back on Monday!

DIY Action Squad! LINK UP!
(and remember to go say hi to Kenzie, Tracie and Stephanie)


  1. Woo hoo! I think we need costumes. Super Hero DIY costumes.

  2. I actually know exactly what I would be doing for this....if I weren't probably going to be having a baby. Maybe. If I don't have a baby by Saturday, I might just be in.

    1. Ha! Gretchen if you want to do it ahead of time, I'll put you in the link party, You really should have that baby before Saturday.

    2. Well, the other problem is that I don't feel like doing anything productive other than producing a baby ;). But I'll see what I can do! It also requires a trip to Home Depot. And leaving the house is HARD.

    3. Aw. Hell Naw girl. Your risk of having a baby if you leave the house is TOO DAMN HIGH.

    4. I should have him AT HOME DEPOT! Think how much that would up my DIY blogger cred!

  3. My favorite kind of projects, sounds like fun!


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