Friday, January 25, 2013

DIW: Denise's Laundry Storage

Do it yourself, and do it right, then you can write!

Today's DIW comes to us from Denise in Chicago.

Denise actually won our Indestructible Dog giveaway last year and she happens to be with one of my best friends in high school (yeah, I totally had a crush on him. He was weird and played the upright bass all rockabilly style...what do you want from me? BTW Dan, you still have one of my guitars. Dude.)

Anyway, Denise and Dan live in a tiny apartment in Logan Square (Chicago) that, in true Chicago style, doesn't offer a lot of room for anything (people included). Somehow, they did manage to score an apartment with a washer and dryer (I live in freaking Michigan- you think I ever had one with laundry in unit? No. SO UNFAIR)

Well, one day Denise was prowling Pinterest and cam along this image. (I do not have the source. If anyone can identify it, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due)

As they have their tiny little apartment, they don't have a large hallway to throw this in, nor do they want their guest walking around the apartment and seeing dirty underwear, but they do have what they have so aptly named the "shit closet" that was the home of all the bullshit that they didn't have anywhere else to put. They decided to implement a version of this "Vertical Laundry Basket Storage System" (VLBSS?)

First they removed all of the junk from the closet to see if there was even room for a system like this. Then, they had to buy the pieces of the shelving unit that would hold the baskets up. They got theirs at IKEA and spent about ten bucks or so on it.

Since the closet is not very deep and kind of narrow, they had to find smaller baskets. They also purchased those at IKEA. (PROTIP: Your baskets need to have a lip which can rest comfortably on the shelving thing)

This distance between the shelves should, obviously, be the same length as the basket is long/wide (depending on how you plan to fit them in your space). After installing your guide tracks, place the shelf holders on the vertical structure.

Denise did mention that they put in a few extra screws to keep the arms sturdier and less wigly.

Slide your laundry baskets in (you can label them too if you'd like- theirs are in German), et voila! no more laundry mess!

Bonus perk: this also creates an awesome place for animals to hide.

Snaps to Denise and Dan! Ever since Denise posted a picture of this on Facebook I keep giving the puppy eyes to Nate ("If you loved me, you'd build me one of these. PWWWEEASSSEEE")

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  1. That's genius! We have a clothes chute in our house, which you'd think would be awesome, but it's under the master bath sink vanity for one thing, which is weird--having a hole in the bottom of the floor under the vanity. Then the chute part ends right under the hole, so the laundry doesn't really go straight down--if it's light like a washcloth, it sort of floats down in all directions and never lands in the bin. I could see how this system would fix a lot of my problems!

    1. In your vanity?! A.) That is crazy and B.) I've never heard of that.

      The only use I've ever found for Laundry shoots is to launch army parachuters to an awaiting giggling child in the basement. But that might also be because my "curvy plus" (lol) clothes don't fit well in older laundry shoots.

      Do it. Send me pictures. I'll ooh and ahhh with you.

  2. Smart! We keep our laundry baskets under the bench at the end of our bed.

  3. Wait! You mean there's a better way to deal with laundry than just having baskets all over your master bedroom?! This is very interesting news for me....

  4. As I type this comment I am also trying to think of a place in my house where I can do this..... Brilliant!

  5. We had 3 upright 'kitchen size' garbage cans that fit in the bottom of our laundry closet in the hall (we may have had to take the bottom shelf off to give them enough height room). My kids were able to sort "dark/light/towels" from a very young age since I believe that sorting clothes is a total waste of brain power and time!!We;d just pick up whatever 'basket' and take it straight to the washing machine. Quick and simple!!

  6. I know the photo credit!!! I posted a link to your blog on her FB page, she'll verify it for you so you can give credit :)

    1. Liz, if you happen to see this, I am trying to find the owner of this photo... Would you mind sharing her blog/FB page? Thanks!

  7. Can anyone tell me the exact name of these shelves I can't find anywhere. thanks


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