Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY Action Squad: 15/15 Projects!

The DIY Action Squad is back- Interiors By Kenz, Middle Class Modern, Sandpaper & Glue and I are presenting projects that can cost $15 and take about 15 minutes! I'm going to devote my week to projects revolving around this- so I hope you all enjoy tons of goodies that you can do when you get home from work all exhausted. I will also be showing some super cool ideas from you guys next week.

Disclaimer: I did not spend $15 for today's project. I spent ZERO. I still think it counts though, because you could spend about $15 in materials. Since I sew very well, this took me about 15 minutes, for a novice it may take 30-45 minutes. Still definitely do-able as an after work project.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Your Sewing Machine/Emmazing Sewing Basket
  • 3 pairs of denim jeans (for a bed that will fit a 50-60lb dog. For a small dog I'd use 2 pairs, for a large dog I'd use 4, extra large I'd use 15...) 
  • Stuffing (You can use old clothes, old throw pillows, or you can use polyfil or foam, whatever you like)
  • A Partner
1. Cut your jeans off with a straight line from the side seam to the crotch.
2. At the seam, cut the legs open to make one flat piece. Repeat for each leg.

3. Lay the legs on top of each other, and cut them to make a rectangle. This is important because your legs may not all be the same length. Perfection is not the key here- I didn't even measure because I was more concerned about time.

4. Putting right sides together, using a straight stitch, sew two pant legs together at a 3/4 inch seam allowance.

5. Fold the seams to one side and using a straight stitch sew the seam to one side (extra reinforcement against doggy claws)

6. Repeat for the other two pant legs.

7. Right sides together, using a straight stitch sew your two sets together.

8. Fold your seams and stitch them to one side.

9. You will be left with a giant circle of denim.

10. Right sides together (inside out) using a straight stitch, sew the top closed.

11. On the bottom, sew 3/4 of the way closed. Remember to leave a hole!

12. Turn your pillowcase right side out.

13. Gather your stuffing (we used old pillows that needed to be replaced)

14. Stuff your pillow. We opened our old pillows up and put the filling directly into it. We did discover that our pillow was feathers, so we took it out on the front porch to do the swap. Yes, it did look like a killed a bird.

(This was after the wind blew most of it away)

15. Pin the hole closed creating the same seam allowance that is already in place. Make sure the fluff is out of the way.

This is personal preference. If you wanted a more beautiful closure you could hand stitch it closed. I wanted to be quick and ensure that it was sturdy.

16, Using your partner, stitch the hole closed using a straight stitch on your machine. Nate had to hold the weight of the pillow up while I sewed. I tapered the seam until it ran off the side of the pillow. We repeated this twice for extra reinforcement.

17. You're done! Toss it around to fluff it up and watch the chaos of your dogs fighting over it.

I was amazed at how simple it was after having stewed on it for so long. Not to mention, a dog bed this big and fluffy would have cost close to $100 or more and we made it for free.

And, it doesn't hurt that the dogs thinking it's the greatest thing ever.

Now, it's your turn. Show us your quick after work projects and we'll show you more of ours!



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE... the dogs. And the project too. It looks really nice and well made!

    1. I know- those scruffy babies always outshine me! Thank you very much, the denim is awesome and very claw resistant. You might need one for Dutch!

  2. How can you not love any project that makes pets happier and only costs $0?

    1. (And you could probably make one for Emily out of Jean pockets lol)

  3. Awesome! Your dogs must make all the other dogs in the neighborhood so jealous with all their fabulous beds :).

    1. YOU'RE ALIVE! Gretchen this is so comfy you might want to make some for the boys. I've caught Nate stealing it when he's sitting on the floor already. Boys! Squeeze that baby for me!

  4. Your denim bed brings all the dogs to the yard. I love it. It's creative, and easy. And if someone didn't have old jeans, they could cheaply buy old jeans from the thrift store. Great creative idea!!

    1. I have so so so many pairs of jeans. I'm tempted to make one for every dog in the neighborhood.

  5. The dogs seem to love it! I need to make our dogs a bed since I threw their old one away when we listed the house.

  6. Oh my gosh, Emma, that last pic of Bridget just melts my dog loving heart! SUPER easy and super great project! thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Awww, thank you Michelle! I love her, she usually 'keeps-to-herself' but lately she has been such a snuggle bunny. All my babies make me happy (yes, I called them babies- I'm sans children, I can do that lol) Make sure you give it a shot! It was SO easy.

    2. I call marley my baby and I DO have a child, so there! I can do it too! Who cares what they say or think! LOL.

  7. Great pillow project. I think even I'd enjoy using that pillow lol. Thanks for hosting this link party too :)

  8. Nice upcycle. The dogs certainly seem to love it! My dog has never been so excited over a new bed. :)


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