Thursday, January 17, 2013

Give an Emma a Tray

And she'll want an ottoman to go with it.

But wait, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's start with the pretty graphic.

Yeah you read that right. F-R-E-E

Special thanks to Brenna's mom, AKA "Mom" who at Thanksgiving handed me an old tray and said that she was sure I could find something cute to do with it.

Yes, Mom, yes I did.

The tray was actually really sturdy, it just had some water damage on it and a little bubbling.

This little facelift took me about 20 minutes and some waiting time (so I guess we can count this as a head start to the 15/15 projects!) and has inspired some new ideas about our formal living room.

As you remember, we have a very beautiful coffee table that we scored off of Craigslist for $75 (with the side table too) but my fat ass broke the glass on one side because I sat on it to take pictures. Yay, Me!

We took it as an opportunity to procrastinate fixing the issue for over a year, then we started brainstorming ideas. Under the glass are little shutters and they are the WORST to clean.

Nate and I don't have kids. We eat at the coffee table. Don't judge us, it's not like anyone is learning bad habits from us. So there are all kinds of nasties hiding in the cracks of the table. I hate it. And Nate hates when I abuse his obsessiveness and make him clean them.

We threw around the idea of replacing the glass, or maybe getting some wood and sealing up the shutters, but then we got nervous about if we spilled water (which Nate does at least once a week) and it got under there/we couldn't get it/mold.

We batted around a thousand ideas.

Then we thought...ya know...flat surfaces are the enemy in this house. Kid you not, there's a pile of trash/old mail/candy wrappers 6 inches high on the table right next to me. It's awful. If it's a flat surface, we crap up the hell out of it.

I hate it.

So we thought, maybe an ottoman would be a better solution for us. It'd second as seating and we'd be less likely to leave 37 cups on something that is, ya know, not solid. Though we'd need something to put one or two glasses of water down if needed.

So, back to the task at hand seeing as I just got hella distracted.

Brenna's mom gave us a tray at Thanksgiving. I procrastinated for two months, and finally, Nate wanted to watch Lord of the Rings, and I decided to get this shit done.

I set up my work station on the old coffee table, because I'm classy like that, And I lightly sanded the tray.

Then, I used the paint sample of Mermaid Song that we bought as a possibility for the living room (which sometimes I'm sad I didn't have the balls to do) and applied a coat with just a paint brush straight out of the bottle. Hardcore.

Then, I watched some Orcs get their asses kicked by Aragorn, then I applied another coat.

Then I went to sleep, and I woke up YAY! Tray's all done! I applied two coats of poly just so I could wipe it off if something spilled (which I also had) and there we go! A free tray facelift! THAT MATCHES THE BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING FANTASTICALLY STUBBORN TO DECORATE AROUND CHAIR. AKA. The Damn Chair.

So now we have plans for an awesome ottoman to go with it, so you'll have to keep your eyes out for that. It should be fun!

Do you guys have ideas already for your 15/15 project? We'll call this a teaser.


  1. That's so cute. I'm very excited for the future ottoman.

    1. Ottoman is gunna kick ass and take names. You just wait.

  2. I really love that tray. I love Mermaid Song also. SUCH a pretty color!

  3. Thank you for making me laugh!! I love the tray and your sense of humor when you tell a story!!

    1. Thanks Diana! I'm glad someone finds me funny! ;)

  4. mmm mermaid song, I'm glad you didn't do the whole room with it because I think it would have smacked you in the face when you walked in- but it looks really cute and happy in small doses.


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