Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals for 2013

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. We had plans to have a party, and then plans to go out, but at the end of the day, I've come down with Bronchitis and Nate is recovering from the flu- it didn't seem like the ideal situation to go out. So we spent the night reviewing things we enjoyed about the year and looking ahead to 2013.

We also, of course, had Brenna here, because that girl would brave the plague to chill on our couch with Seamus. Though...I probably would too.

5 favorite things that happened personally in 2012:

1.) We purchased our first home
2.) We brought Teagan into our life
3.) Nate went back to school
4.) We discovered our love of DIY and blogging (and I started writing again on a daily basis!)
5.) We saw FREAKING JOURNEY in concert.

5 Favorite DIY Projects that we did in 2012:

1.) Our free giant pallet art for our dining room (Link Here)
2.) Turning a vintage TV into a dog bed (Link Here)
3.) Using a Rug to make upholstered Art (Link Here)
4.) Creating a Pallet Focal Wall in our Entertainment Center (Link Here)
5.) Refinishing thrift store lamps for a custom look (Link Here)

5 Bigger Things We Want to get Done in 2013:

1.) GET A NEW ROOF ON THIS MOTHER. Like...ASAP. Like 6 months ago... and gutters and all that jazz.
2.) Build an organization system/work bench/station in the basement
3.) Fix the Garage
4.) Paint the exterior porch/trims that aren't vinyl
5.) Create a dog friendly landscape

We leave you with one of the most done things of 2012, may I present Nate doing the Cinnamon Challenge.

What did you guys do for New Years?


  1. Journey! Oh Emma, you warm my blighted soul. I LOVE Journey. SO MUCH.

    I can't wait to see Broke Ass Home in 2013.


      I'm obsessed with Journey. It's a problem that I have. Nate to this day makes fun of me for freaking out over every single song.

  2. You have had a wonderful year! SOrry you are sick dear :( Feel better soon! I'm still sick too. It's super crappy. And PS, did you know I'm allergic to cinnamon?? I am. And anytime I watch the cinnamon challenge, it makes me cringe so hard.

    1. Oh No! YouTube must have been a terrible place for you this year. And yeah, I'm like hella sick- hence why my posts are going up whenever the hell I wake up! :-D

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  3. happy happy new year- I hope you guys are both feeling better!!

    Grown up work on the house is super intimidating, we had to get gutters this past year and it was really scary for me to call people and get estimates and try to hustle prices. Dog friendly landscape is on our 2013 list as well!

  4. We moved so we wouldn't have to get a new roof. Not really, but it was a nice bonus. It is no fun spending money on practical things, but it's even less fun getting rained on when you're inside. Congrats on a eventful and productive 2012 and can't wait to see everything you do in 2013! Feel better!

  5. I love that Journey was up there with major life events. I accidentally saw them in concert once and had no clue if the lead singer was the old guy or the new guy (please don't hate me!) If it makes you feel better they followed Def Leppard and I was so confused by the British flag (but I totally knew about the one-armed drummer!) Obviously I listen to a different music genre. At any rate - I am stoked that you also picked your carpet wall art as a favorite! Did you see it made my 2012 Round Up list??? (you can read it here & pretend like you did: http://deeconstructed.com/the-best-of-the-best/) ~ Dee

  6. Ha, the cinnamon challenge - so gross, yet so very funny.


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