Thursday, January 10, 2013

How To Hang Single Mount Artwork

Do you remember when we talked about how to hang a picture level? Well that method works all fine and good when your artwork has two hanging brackets, but how do you play around with a piece of artwork that only has a single mount? TODAY WE LEARN.

I bet you see a toilet! That is correct! We finally found artwork that we liked for the bathroom. This big, blank wall was really, really bothering me.

Bathroom art is hard for me. While I am going to the bathroom, I do not want to look at a piece of artwork depicting a toilet. Yes, I know, I'm on a toilet. Nor do I want to see "WASH YOUR HANDS". It's like, "Yes, Mom! I know! I've been washing my hands for over 20 years!"  I also don't want anything canvas or wood because of the water vapor... So, that leaves a framed image, or a piece of metal artwork.

I've been hunting like crazy trying to find something, but a lot of metal artwork I was finding was a candleholder of some sort. They were pretty, but there's only a standing shower in the downstairs bathroom- it's not like I'm not going to light candles for a 10 minute shower.

After 2 months, and countless trips to Home Goods, Nate yelped, pointed across the store and was holding it in his hands before I even got over there. Behold; the perfect bathroom art.

To make it even better? We flipped it over and checked the price. Freaking SOLD.

The strange thing about this beautiful piece of art is that it only had one screw hole in it (I promise I'll try to refrain from saying screw hole too much. My mind goes places it shouldn't) Nate and I are NOTORIOUS for just diving in and smashing a bunch of holes in the wall until we find somewhere we like. Then I, of course, have 47 holes to touch up. As I just painted the bathroom 3 times (Once Primer, Once Purple, and Once Gray) in 72 hours, I didn't want to touch up paint all over the place. So we go out our supplies and went to town.

You'll need:
  • A Tape Measure
  • A Wall Stick Laser Level (we got ours, made by 3M for $14 from Home Depot) 
  • Hanging Equipment (screws, nails, whatever tickles your screw hole fancy (hehehehe))
Here's what ya do.

This method was so nice because we slid the piece of owl art up and down until we picked the height that we wanted. Laser Levels rock.

The only issue we had with this method is that we may or may not have been terrorizing our over-protective dogs with the laser level for the past week- so they were whimpering and suspicious the whole time that red line was on the wall.

I'm not kidding. We are terrible dog parents.

We picked a spot on our wall that would work even after we install all of our molding, installed one screw along that blessed red line, and BAM. Insta-Art. Took less than 5 minutes.

Look at that cute little hooter!

And the money shot.

What do you think? Is this a technique you might use? It's way easier than patching all those damn holes!


  1. that bad boy is HUGE.... I love it!!! An he goes so nicely with your draw pulls :)

    1. He's a BIG hooter. That's for damn sure- but he's really really sexy and makes me smile. AND I KNOW, RIGHT?!

  2. It's the little things that have really transformed this space! I LOVE the art, and I love the little detail of the rimmed (hehehe) glass light shades.

    1. I had been patiently waiting for something to turn up that made me freak out- so I'm really glad he makes such the statement that he does.

  3. it's perfect. so flufflin perfect. sometimes, the gods of Homegoods smile on you. And sometimes, it is just the most wonderful thing.

  4. You know your dogs are upstaging your picture hanging here, right? And they sell those lasers as actual cat toys; with cats it's considered all in good fun instead of torture. LOVE that owl!

    1. Ha! My dogs ALWAYS upstage whatever I am doing- it's a curse of owning cute dogs! Thanks!

  5. I love your owl and nice job getting it hung properly!

  6. Yes, it's perfect!! I've been holding off redoing our bathroom because I don't know what to do about the "wall art" issue....something like this is definitely a consideration:) (Never heard of the laser level...will have to check it out!!) Thanks for sharing:)

  7. I just started reading your blog after a bout of insomnia last night. I have decided that my final straw was the giggling over 'screw hole'. You have to become my new best friend immediately.

    If Nate ever talks you into coming to Indy for GenCon we will have to have a nice visit! You can give me decorating ideas for my Money Pit because I really stink at picking out things to put on the walls.


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