Monday, January 28, 2013

In The Nick of Time

If you follow us on facebook, twitter or instagram, I've been leaking really mean sneak peeks about a certain project. A project that I promised would be done by Monday.

Well. As of 6:15 last night, I completed a super awesome DIY project that Nate and I have been geeked about since we came up with the idea.

Per Use...Cue Graphic for intense announcement.

This project actually went surprisingly smooth. Unlike a lot of our projects.... But I'm pleased to say it works and it makes the statement that we wanted!

We decided we wanted a giant clock for the 4 foot span of wall because of the old gallery wall that we had up (and hated). It was quickly dismantled and a big hunk of wall stared at us every time we went to check the time. The clock was only up there for about 3 months, but it is where we always looked to see what time it was!

We begun pricing out options for clocks to put there, but even at discount stores like Home Goods they were still upwards of $100, in main stream stores they were sometimes $300-400....way out of the Broke Ass price range for something like a clock. I'm sorry, but if I could buy a whole chair for the same amount of money...why would I buy a clock?

So, we went to Home Depot and picked up a 4x4 piece of .75 inch plywood and began making ideas.

After drawing out several ideas, we decided to go with the organic flower shape found on my recliner (which is a big pop of color in the room)

We started by drawing bumps at the 3-6-9-12 marks and then branched the petals out from there. Then we held it up to the wall for size.

After we got it to the size and shape that we liked, we drew over the final design with permanent marker, and took it out to the garage to get our jigsaw on.

We had inherited a jigsaw from Nate's father, and we started having some serious fun. Then, womp womp, the blade broke.

God bless my husband, he ran all over town looking for a new blade, only to discover that they no longer make blades for that kind of saw!!!

Probably figures why we didn't see him use it very often.

So, for $30, we grabbed another Jigsaw and brought it home to finish the job. Can't leave a perfectly good clock half done in the garage, now could we?

After we were down sawing and smoothing it out, we brought it inside for one last size check, and were pleased to say that we loved it. (but not as much as this picture may suggest...)

We had a paint sample left of Mermaid Song from when we did some testing on the walls and the bar tray, and slapped about 3 coats onto the plywood.

We also added some pencil accents (left over from the bookshelf reno) on the sides and in the center.

It was at this point that I began searching for a clock kit, as our clock was so big, this wasn't the kind of clock kit we could run to Wal-Mart to get. After searching through lots of different websites (etsy, amazon, specialty, etc.) I stumbled upon a company called Coastal Tide Clocks (and no, I am not being sponsored for this post- just wanted to give everyone the location where I bought the kit) We ended up ordering at 14.5 inch clock kit. We came to this measurement from measuring the smallest point in the clock and dividing it in half. We didn't want the minute hand to go over the edge of the clock, obviously, and Coastal Tide seemed to have had the best prices (and I'm happy to say, really fast shipping).

The kit explains that you can mount the plate to whatever you'd like (and it came with a time template and stickers for each hour if someone wanted to use them), but since we didn't want to damage the wood, we just superglued the plate to clock face- we were worried that screwing into the plywood might split it, this was unfounded as when we screwed into the back, it was fine- so if you'd rather screw it, be my guest.

We glued it on, set the clock and mounted it to the wall using our trusted tape technique.

We hung the clock using two 50lb hooks (better safe than sorry) on the wall and two d hooks on the back of the clock.

Then we got to look at it in joy and happiness to infuse some color into our house. We always have had color in our house, and all this gray is starting to get to me.

Oh, and the total cost for this clock? Not including the new saw (because that is going to get lots of use other than this project- it may be my new favorite toy) this cost us $44.


Here are the pretty shots.

Yummy. Look at the way it pulls the color of the chair across.

Just need some nice Mermaid song Pillows.

And here's the sassy yellow sides.

Again, if you want to do this project, here is what you need:
  • Plywood
  • Jigsaw
  • Paint
  • Clock Kit
  • Hanging Kit
I hope you all feel like this is something you could do and I didn't totally over complicate it. It's really easy, super affordable and such a statement!

What did you all do this weekend?

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. you really rocked this project.

    1. Stephanie's right, you rocked it out! I love it!

      You are doing such a great job of tying your chair into the rest of the room.

  2. I really love the yellow sides. This clock is the perfect piece to tie in the yellow from the dining room and the mermaid song from... ;) You nailed it. LOVE IT.

  3. Is the clock kit really that easy to just slap on a piece of plywood and it becomes a clock (that keeps accurate time)?? Who knew?

    1. Yep! Seriously that easy! The little black circle in the middle has the clock mechanism in it and you just set the time and slap it on there- I was amazed how simple it was- I even used glue to hold it up- no screws required.

  4. You built a freakin clock!! I love how it looks in the room too. It looks like it was made for the space... ;)

    1. haha, Yep! We BUILT a clock. Thank you so much! I love it

  5. fabulous! and, yeah, you've gotta have a jigsaw. You've got me a little worried about ours now--I'm pretty sure we're still using the original, 12 year old blade. But I guess if you've got to replace a power tool, jigsaw's the way to go.

  6. Love this awesomely large clock! I'm featuring it on Monday Funday! Thanks for linking up!


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