Thursday, January 31, 2013

My New Favorite Toy/Art

This post may not be exciting for many of you- but for me this has completely changed my life.

Not even kidding.

Did you all know that when older houses were built, any room with a door was taxed as an additional living space? This is why so many older homes do not have coat closets. It was considered a luxury to be able to afford a closet in the entryway, and apparently whoever built my home did not have the extra cash for such a luxury.

Because of this, for the past seven months we have lived in our home, we have lived in shoe HELL.

Shoes in the foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen and mudroom. Every morning we'd be crawling under pieces of furniture looking for the lost shoe. It was a pain in the ass, let alone an eyesore when we'd have guests over because there was just no place to put them. 

When we were at IKEA last, we joined the "IKEA Family" This is basically a frequent shopper card. Anyone can get them, and much like at grocery store, every few weeks different items are placed at "family prices" for significantly cheaper than originally marked. You also get free ice cream. Yeah- inner fat kid approves.

We had seen the different kinds of shoe organizers many times, but it wasn't on the priority list until we got to this house. It also doesn't help that Nate has GIANT feet and we weren't sure they would fit his shoes (all three pairs of them anyway...)

Well, when we went, I had Nate wear his clunkiest shoes and we started putting them in bins, looking for solutions. It just so happened that the day we went the TRONES Shoe Cabinet was on Family Price for $29.99 for 3 cabinets. Each cabinet holds about 3 pairs of shoes, so we were looking at about $1.50 per shoe in the organizer. We thought this was a great price and immediately snagged them up (these are still on family price if anyone is interested) They come in black, white, red, and lime green.

Because we're rockstars, we went with the bright green option. Yeaaahhhh buddy.

We slapped that bad boy up right behind the front door, and BAM insta-shoe-storage. We hung it slightly higher than I'm assuming is the norm, just so we could put our boots on the vent underneath it for drying. This also means that I can't use the top rack, so that is Nate's. I, of course, get the bottom two.

I love the way it looks with the mermaid and it was actually the motivating force behind me painting the hallway. There was no reason to hang it up only to have to take it down and paint, right?

It fit very nicely behind the front door, only hanging about 1/4 an inch past the door frame.

I'm trying to embrace the "everything in its place" mentality. If it doesn't have a place, it doesn't get to live here. The first morning I came downstairs and didn't trip over ten pairs of shoes was wonderful. It was almost like making the bed- everything felt instantly more clean.

The front wall will be getting painted once we remove the wallpaper on the stairwell, but for now the cream isn't totally obnoxious since it's down to just one wall.

Oh, and did you see?

We framed our prints that we did the tutorials on last week!

We got these cool matted frames from Target's Threshold line. We liked the look of the rustic wood and it complements our natural woodwork very well.  They also happened to be 20% off, so I feel like we scored a pretty good deal at about $15 a pop.

The hallway is coming together really nicely and is starting to give off a nice "welcome to our home" vibe. I'm also pleased with how little we've spent making over this space so far- but we'll get into a price break down another time.

Oh, and as for the coat closet? We still have all of our coats hanging on a coat rack I made in 8th grade shop class on the exact opposite side of the wall where the shoe hanger is. There's also a bench there to take off shoes, plop a purse, etc.

How do you guys feel about entryways? Are they important for setting a the mood for your house or do you feel like they are unnecessary and that it's unneeded to decorate them?


  1. YOur entry way is looking super fun. It is a total reflection of your personality. I'm jealous. We don't really have much of an entry way. You walk through the door, and bam, you're in the living room.

    1. Thanks! I don't know what we would do without somewhere to at least pretend to use as an entryway...

  2. I love the shoe bin, and I feel your pain when you say that Nate has large feet. MY Nate wears a 14 and it's insane and impossibly to find a shoe anything that will hold hid shoes.

    If I had an entryway, it would be way more functional than pretty. I have a dog, 2 kids, and us, and shoes/coats/bags/sometimes pants all come off as soon as we come in the door, so we need places to dump all of that!

    1. I respect the instant lack of pants. I really really do. If it helps, Nate wears a size 13 and they fit perfectly fine in these! Who knows, maybe all Swedish people have giant feet too?

  3. You just blew my mind with the door information. I'm not joking. I now want to tour older houses and investigate.

    1. It's true! Though hard to see nowadays with all the remodeling people do.

  4. I think you are absolutely right.......... the entryway sets the tone for the rest of the house, and yours is looking great :)


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