Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Not My Brightest Idea/Plans for the Basement

While hacking up a lung this past week- I got couch fever and decided I wanted to clean the basement. It was not the smartest moment I've ever had, and I am not proud of it. Because I was sick, I ended up getting most of it cleaned up, but I didn't finish sucking up all the spiders before I quit. That is on Nate's honey-do for the week since he's still off work, and I certainly paid for my preemptive puttering with another fever and three more days on the couch.

Somehow (and I do not know how...) this happened to the basement in the last 6 months.

Why yes, there are rogue decorations, our neighbor's Christmas tree, our ex-neighbor's bed frame, some undone projects, and tons of half used DIY equipment.

Seriously. Our neighbor's Christmas tree.

Overall, the clean up consisted of moving things into a somewhat organized fashion a few loads of super dirty laundry, along with shop vacing and sweeping lots of spider guts. (Thanks to my brother for the shop vac for Christmas!)

We have tons of awesome built in cabinets that are full of food storage in our basement (in fact, one of the reasons we bought the house) but we want to use the corner pictured above to build Nate a huge work bench. Put that on our never ending to-do list.

We also want to build some sweet under the stair storage like this: (found from the bible pinterest)

Drool worthy, right?

He's also gunna build me one of these for all of my holiday buckets.

In the mean time, I'm stuck with this weird contraption out of our old coffee table.

Look at that lovely wood rot....

And yes, that is the railing that Nate took off the day we moved in so he could get the dryer in the basement. Have I mentioned putting it back up? Only about a thousand times.

One of the good things about this unintelligent venture was that we were cleaning the washer and dryer area and noticed a lot of excess lint behind the machine. I made Nate come take a peek and he noticed that our dryer was no longer connected to the exhaust! WHOA FIRE HAZARD. We immediately ran out and got some duct tape and sealed that sucker up and vacuumed up all the leftover lint. So, friendly message from Emma- you may want to go downstairs and check your dryer. I know that every year you should go clean out the lint trap thoroughly anyway, but that really freaked me out.

Now, I personally prefer the unfinished basement thing- so much room for storage and what not, but I know people with kids swear by finished basements. Do you guys have a preference? If you have a finished basement, how do you deal with all your stuff?


  1. I'd seriously cut someone for a basement. We have NO ROOM for storage.

    My parents' did their basement half 'n half. Half workshop/storage and half finished area that's been a playroom/second family room/guest room.

  2. you're supposed to clean out the lint trap every year?... like, other then the little one that just slides out before you do each load?

    jeez... who gave me a house?! lol.

    1. Ha! Yes, you should should- there's lint floating around that can cause a house fire if you don't. Check out this article: http://bit.ly/RK85ks

  3. As a mom, I vote for an unfinished basement. Put the tricylces down there in winter so you can "carefully monitor" (not lock) your kids in the basement to burn off energy. Plus, an unfinished basement is a better place for a paint station, science experiments, etc.

  4. I'm sort of obsessed with having a finished basement. Never had one, always wanted one. Apparently it's genetic, because my brother's the same way. My SIL is always like, "what is UP with you guys and basements?!" I am determined to make it happen here. Someday.

    Okay, so now you have to tell us WHY you have your neighbor's Christmas tree!

    1. Haha, we have her Christmas tree because our 6ft tree looked puny in our house (the ceilings are too tall!) She said that she had one of her friends extra tall trees, but when we put it together it was too big around and there was no where to put it without it taking up half a room. Then, of course, instead of doing the logical thing and giving it back to her, Nate threw it in the basement. I didn't even know it was down there until I went to do laundry last week (he'd been doing it) Oi vey.

  5. I LOVE having a finished basement. We have a storage room in our basement for all our goodies, also, we have more hidden storage under the stairs. If we need, we can also put things in the attic. Honestly, I feel like if I were to ever need a whole basement to store junk in, I would have too much junk. I'd rather have livable space than junk storage. But your cleaning looks great!

    1. See, and I know that if I ever put anything in my attic it will turn into a junk area. Since it's lined with insulation (even the floor) we aren't venturing into that scary territory.

  6. We have an unfinished basement, but it's not nearly as cool as yours (LOVE all those cabinets!!). I would love to have a half and half basement, and the finished half does not need to be all fancy with drywall and stuff. Just clean and painted, free of dust wads and bugs, and with some sort of a comfy floor covering.

    We have talked about walling off the "unfinished" half to keep the kitties away from storage and laundry, and it would certainly cut down on the cost of the "finished" side if we did not have to do the whole thing.

    My major fear of a finished basement in an older home (ours is built 1951 - a baby compared to yours!) is MOLD!! Drywall, ceilings, carpet - all an invitation to mold-fest, and that does not give me a warm fuzzy. So painting the ceiling black to hide all the electrical and plumbing, and clean paint elsewhere, and maybe a raised floor, is okiedokie by me!!

    1. Ha! I'm terrified of mold too- we lived in an apartment on top of a store that was full of mold. Almost died- wasn't good. So I totally understand :)


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