Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Difference Between Short Term & Long Term Decorating

Decorating goals for the long term is somethign that Nate and I talk about almost every day. Things like:

"Do we want to lay flooring if we're ripping that out?"
"Do we want to paint at all if we're going to re-drywall?"
"Do we want to keep the character of that or do we want to modernize it?"

Some of the answers are pretty obvious, others aren't. For a long time, our rule of thumb was, "Does it involve spending significant money twice?"

But even then, sometimes that trumping question is, "would it make us happier in the short term to take care of something now?"

This is the same kind of conversation Kenz and I had the other day, and she had a "yes" moment.

I've been having a yes moment too lately.

Our walls are AWFUL. AWFFULLLL. Like, you try and drill a hole in them and because the plaster and popcorn is now floating instead of resting against something a huge hunk will just fall off the wall. Nate and I have made the decision that if we want any hopes of our house acting normally, we are going to need to learn how to drywall and take care of it. I briefly drywalled when working with Habitat, but it's been 5 years since I worked on a house that early in the process so I could definitely use a refresher.

That being said though, sitting in our foyer, I got so so so bummed out by the looks of it. The foyer is #1 on the list to be drywalled (you could probably get some sweet air finger-boarding off some of the bumps and ripples in the wall), but since we both work I don't think drywalling will happen until Nate's next shut down.

In 6 months.

Do you stare at a boring room for 6 months or do you suck it up and admit that you're going to pay for paint twice?

We're paying for paint twice Motha's.

And guess what? We be getting mermaid song up in hurrrrr' (partially because I already had a gallon of it with no where to put it) and partially because I freaking want a happy colored foyer. And maybe a bit of seal for good measure.

Are excited about this? I am.

And the exciting thing about it, is that I can get as crazy as I want, since the walls are coming down in six months anyway! Do I want to try a painted ceiling? I don't know, but I could try and not have to worry about repainting since it's a no commitment paint job (though paint is hardly a commitment)

 Oh. And my 15 minute project last night? Gathering my tax documents and calling for a roof estimate.

Because sometimes, being a grown up sucks and you have to spend your money on stuff like roofs. Though I definitely think the whole "roof" thing I a long term decor goal.


  1. I'm proud of you for sucking it up and painting it twice! hip hip!

  2. Well I just spent a whole lot of time and energy (and money, except then I read where people spend more on their crib than I did on the whole nursery and I feel better) on a room that might well be dismantled in a year, so I guess I'm firmly in the short term decorating when the situation calls for it camp!

    1. Nurseries are different! And Abe's room is adorable.

  3. I don't even like painting and totally think its worth it to paint it twice!

    Hey, did you know J used to hang drywall professionally and we re-drywalled our spare room, ceiling and all? So if you need any advice (and I wish we lived closed enough that we could actually come help) we are here for you.

    1. I wish you were closer too! drywall is not something that is good to mess up. Summer trip to michigan? We have lakes....

  4. I can't wait to see your foyer. I'm thinking mermaid/seal chevrons!!! lol
    You always have wonderful surprises!!!


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