Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back In Limbo

This week hasn't allowed for too many DIY adventures. We have already had a busy week between school and doctor's appointments, and now we get the fun of having five roof and window quotes in the next 4 days. Today alone we were quoted $14,000. My soul cried- it's totally true.

But I had an itch and I decided to try something out.

We have a very tight nook in our dining room that we have been hunting for a hutch for. It's only 50 inches long and 16 inches deep, leaving us very few options that fit the style we want (we might end up building something) so after glaring at it for the past seven months it finally hit me like a ton of bricks.

We had a little trash can holder tucked in the corner (though what good is that in a dining room?) which only ended up being a collection area for crap. At the end of every week I'd have to go through everything that landed on top of it without getting the perk of being able to store anything useful in it.

So there I was, walking around with my tape measure wrapped around my neck (what, anyone that sews does that...) and I walked into our new beautiful hallway to grab some of my fabric from my storage boxes. (I sew at the dining table so I can watch movies- we only have the one TV in the house) And I stopped dead in my tracks at the doorway.

Why am I walking into the hallway to grab this stuff all the time when it might just fit in the dining room?

I ripped that tape measure off myself and son of a gun, the damn thing fit perfectly into that stupid little nook.

Of course at this time, Nate wasn't home, so I drug the furniture all over the place to see how I liked it. It fit perfectly. It matched the style. It looked like a piece of dining room furniture.


So, it had to stay there!

Of course, this means that now my hallway looks ridiculous again because there's nothing in there and pictures up on the wall obviously formed around the table.

I think this is a temporary switch, because as soon as we can find a hutch that we really like the piece will end up back in the hallway, but for now it works and looks so much better than the trash holder.

I don't know why this never occurred to me before, but I'm pretty sure this is a case of "that's where it landed when we moved." You know? When you move in and things get plopped it gradually switches from "that looks great there!" to "why is that there again?"

Here is how it looks in the dining room:

I added a couple things we had laying around, as well as things that we had on it when it was in the hallway (because...that's where they go? Old habits die hard...)

And here's it again looking all sexy at a different angle...

And then, while I was taking all these pictures, this happened.

They just really, really like having their pictures taken...

Anyway, I think the moral of today's story is;

Anyone else have a "duh!" moment recently?


  1. is the fabric on the lampshade the same as the living room? it all works really well together... i might be secretly hoping you never find a hutch.

    1. Yes Ma'am! When we redid that set it was actually a twofer. So one landed next to that little white couch and the other on the "fuffet" or as it's known in our house "pinky"

  2. I like it so much better in the dining room. It looks really good.

    1. Than k you! We'll see if a hutch takes its place or not...

  3. It looks fantastic there; like it was meant to be! And I'm in love with your ampersand, too (and the lamp shade!) :-)

    Puppiesssss!!!! How can you not just love 'em! I sometimes feel bad cuz I feel like I have more pictures of Marley than I do of my daughter now (she's 12 and turns her head every time I get the camera out; at least Marley poses and cheeses for the shots!)

    1. Thanks Michelle! I got the ampersand at Target a couple years ago, the tarnished look makes me happy. And girl, I'm pretty sure I could wallpaper a room with all the pictures I have of Seamus. He actually gets mad if I have the camera out and don't snap a picture of him. He knows what it is.

  4. It looks like you bought it for that very spot!!! Keep it there, and find something else for the hallway. :-)

    And I hear ya about furry photos - we have more pics of our kitties on our phones and cameras than we do of people!!

  5. definitely fits perfectly there! And I love all the stuff you put on there, too. You've reminded/inspired me to look around to see what stuff needs to move up to my bedroom to make my dresser look pretty....


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