Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dorky Dates

1.) Go see Die Hard.
2.) Go see Die Hard.
3.) Go see Die Hard. 
4.) Go see Die Hard.
5.) Go see Die Hard.

I'm totally not kidding

Here are some ideas that are fun little date nights with your honey to get you feeling dorky, young, and in love again. Dear Mom & Dad, please skip this post? :)

1.) Go see Die Hard a movie at an adult theater. 

There was a theater just opened up in our area that is 18+ and instead of movie chairs has leather recliners. They also have a full restaurant and bar so you can lounge and get boozed up all while watching a movie! (Other favorite thing, they play indie shorts instead of those stupid trivia things before the show starts) If you have one of these in your area, I strongly suggest you go! I swear when they bring you a beer without carding you you'll feel like you're 16 again.

2.) Marathon Night.

This is becoming a weekend tradition of ours. Between Netflix and Hulu, we almost always forget about the DVDs we actually own! We pick a strange category, pop a lot of popcorn (with cut up fudge in it for extra pizazz), and curl up for a marathon night. Stumped on some weird categories? Here's some that we've had in the last month or so.

    • 90's Shakespeare Night
      • 10 Things I Hate About You
      • Leonardo Dicaprio version of Romeo and Juliet
      • She's All That 
    •  Satirical Badasses
      • Zombieland
      • KickAss
      • Shawn of the Dead
      • The Losers
    •  Not From Earth, but Awesome
      • Star Wars
      • Star Trek
      • Firefly
      • Serenity
Then of course there's the normal, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Avengers Night, Batman Night, Etc. 

3.) After Dark Sledding

Don't knock it till you try it. Nothing gets you feeling like a highschooler like trespassing on city land after dark to deprive yourself of one of your senses and fly down a hill. Come home, whip up some peppermint schnapps hot chocolate and sit by the fire to warm each other up.

4.) Uno Night.

You'll be amazed how frustrating Uno is with two people. In fact, if Nate and I get in an argument, it is best solved over a heated game of Uno. When things get too intense, switch to Jenga for a round or two. For extra rowdiness, turn it into a drinking game.

5.) Naked Night.

You. Your Boo. No clothes. All Night. See what happens. What? Totally Dorky.

(I'm not saying this was ever done at our house, but if it was, we would no longer do it because a certain scruff may have thought it was fun to get involved in these things and would have taken all the fun out of it. Hypothetically.)

6.) Laser Tag Lock In.

Our Laser Tag place actually has lock ins, where for about $35 a couple they'll lock us into the shop all night with free pizza, unlimited laser tag and arcade games and black light mini golf. It's super super fun, and because it's a lock-in, you're not jumping over Cub Scouts to shoot someone. You may not get time for the hanky panky (or you might...) but when you have this much fun you fall in love all over again!

7.) Nerf Fight

Especially having a two story house, Nerf Night can get ferocious. We each get equipped with several guns, and extra ammunition, as well as a few other toys (Thor hammer, Captain America's sheild, etc.) We then have the whole house to attack each other. Only rule? Every time you get hit you lose an article of clothing (or take a shot if you're playing with friends, shots for shots!) and you're only allowed to hide for a maximum of 2 minutes (no waiting 15 minutes for someone to walk by) Run out of bullets? You're going to have to buy them back

8.) Old School Game Night

You think your week of stress won't be washed away by Mario Cart? Honestly? You can download the old school games to your XBOX, or if you're feeling really old school, hit up an old game trading place- they usually have old systems for Cheap! (just remember you need a boob tube to play- but you can usually score one for free of Craigslist!)

9.) Fort Night

Build yourselves a freaking fort like you would when you were kids and lay in there and read books (comic related or not) all night. It's fun and surprisingly relaxing . We've even gone so far as to put up a tent in the living room. Never hurts to air the thing out right?

10.) Pizza Night

Make a pizza from scratch together. Something about being in the kitchen with Nate makes us feel like we're "playing house" sometimes.


I don't know how I forgot this, but Arcade Night! There's a grown up arcade by the college called Pin Ball Pete's. We love to go and kick each other's ass at Skiball. I know Dave and Buster's is a good one too! Afterwords, we cross the street and get Coldstone and round the night off by going to the hookah bar and enjoying a mint and milk hookah. 

What are your favorite Date Nights? Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Laser tag lock-in for adults? That sounds awesome!

  2. You know that when you say go to an "adult theater" recliners and a full restaurant are not the first things that come to mind, right? ;) Someday I'll be able to go out with my husband (and no baby) again!

  3. Me and Aaron LOVE Nerf Gun battles :) Lol... ^^ Gretchen and the "adult" theatre. lolol

  4. This list is so much better than any other lists of date night ideas I've seen out there! Thank you!!

    1. Thanks! I hope you do some of them and have a nerd-tastic time! :)

  5. Haha these are great. I can't wait to see what search terms pop up from naked night! ;) Hope y'all have a great Valentine's day!

  6. Christiaan and I have "no electronics" night when one of us is SUPER stressed. We cook dinner like usual but we light tons of candles, turn the lights off and then sit at the table and just talk until it is time for bed! One of my favorites...

    Oh and I have a booze night once a weekend where I drink an entire bottle of wine and Christiaan giggles as I try to do the dishes and force Jarvis to play with me lol

    1. No electronics night sounds AWESOME. What a way to shut out the world! Also, I would love to see you trying to drunk play with your giant dog.

  7. These are literally the best date ideas anyone has ever come up with. EVER! BRB, pinning these to possibly do whenever I actually start doing the things I've pinned.


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