Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is it Spring Yet?

I am having some serious seasonal issues. I need it to be Spring NOW. I'm not seasonally depressed as of late, but I'm just itching to spend some time outside and to see pretty colors again.

Because of this, I want to share the porch redo I did for my mom a couple years ago. It was one of the first times that I went full on room redo in less than 24 hours and it was all with the help of World Market.

My parents own a 4x4 farm house in the suburbs of Chicago (probably instilling my love of old houses) and it has this awesome screened in porch in the front. Sadly, even though it should get lots of use, it often turns into the room of doom for them, throwing random things out there that they don't want to deal with yet. I went home to visit that summer and immediately 'roid raged on the porch.

This time there was tons of furniture and crap that they'd cleaned out of the attic that they weren't sure what to do with yet.

Oh, and not to mention the inch or so of dirt and dust that had settled on the floor.

If I'd been home longer than the weekend I would have repainted the cement, but that wasn't in the cards for such a short visit so I got in there with a bucket of soap and the hose at full power to try and clean it out.

All of the furniture they had no use for got lugged down to the curb (and were instantly taken since they live on a busy through street) and all the furniture that was staying got washed and a facelift.

To hide some of the damage on the floor we added an awesome plastic outdoor rug from World Market and infused lots of colors.

See that little blue table? That was actually used through all four of us kids and now my nieces and nephew play at it. Not too shabby for a 30 year old Fischer Price table, eh?

I shoved the old fridge back in the corner to be taken by the electric company. If you have old appliances, call your electric company- they often offer incentives to turn in old appliances. I think my parents got paid $30 to turn in the old fridge and the company came and did all the hard work.

We also freshened up the eating area where as a family we'd eat all of our summer meals.

I remember the thing that made us laugh when we did this makeover was the fact that my mom's 40 year old avocado plastic blinds were suddenly "cool" again. She said all that procrastination actually got to be relabeled as a "vintage find".

I can't wait until spring again. I need some sunshine and a reason to be outside. Is anyone else feeling that way lately?


  1. Replies
    1. If the sun was out I would just lay spread eagle on my deck trying to absorb as much of it as possible.

  2. Sunshine and flip flops! I'm so tired of boots. And snow! Missouri is definitely not supposed to have this much snow. Right now my house is under about a foot of the stuff. Not impressed Mother Nature, not impressed.

    1. I went to college an hour from STL, so I know all about Missouri Ice- unpleasant. I need to whip out my flip flops!

  3. I could really use a nice patio right now. SPRING COME FASTER.

    1. Of course, you live in the mountains and I live in Michigan so it'll be May before we feel human again.

  4. It's rained all friggin week here. I want it to be Spring SO BADLY.

    1. It snowed here all week. My back yard is 5 inches of mud when it melts. I'M SO OVER IT.

  5. I had no idea about the electric company and old appliances...good to know!

    We've had the nastiest, rainiest winter here, and I'm not sure it's ever going to end. 46 and raining tomorrow, which I think is pretty much the worst non-natural disaster forecast there is. And it ruins our plans to build garden beds this weekend. Bleh.


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