Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Our Master Bedroom is shaped in a way that can only be described as...Oklahoma. It has a regular square bit and then it has this thin little tail that stretches the rest of the length of the house.

When we moved in, the nook already had some built-in shelves tucked back there. As soon as we started piling crap onto it though, we realized it was going to be an eyesore (even if just for us).

So, when my mom was up to visit, we made the valances that you see in our bedroom pictures as well as a cotton curtain to conceal the shelves for more of a closet type feel.(we've also since gone through with wire cutters to remove the 70,000 cable wires that were running all over this room.

To make the curtain, we used $1 a yard white cotton from Wal-Mart and made the large rectangle first. Since the curtain needed to be cut long ways and thus making it not wide enough, we did one panel at bolt width and then cut the next strip in half sewing one on each side. That way, there wouldn't be a seam in the middle of the curtain.

After the whole white part was pieced together, we quickly added a band of the valance fabric along the bottom. Super easy!

Luckily, there's a small bulkhead where we put the curtain up, so we put up a tension rod and attached the curtain using curtain clips for easy sliding.

So far, this has worked out very well, the curtain that is.

Notice I am showing a picture of the shelves empty.

I don't know who designed these damn shelves but they have no practicality at all.

First of all, the shelves overlap, so stuff can get eaten by the black hole of doom never to be seen again. Also, this shelf is too thin- you can't even put a pair of shoes on them without them sticking over (which bothers my minor obsessiveness)  Luckily, the curtain covers the chaos and doom that is back there right now, but I have several ideas for what I'd like back there someday.

Part of me thinks we should rip the shelves out and install custom shelving and install a door. Ya know, his and hers closets. But honestly, Nate doesn't have a single thing in the closet (he works in a factory, it's not like he owns nice clothes) so I feel like a closet would be great for resale value but wasted space otherwise. The only way I can see it being beneficial is a laundry catch all. Or maybe like a dressing area with a nice mirror and space for accessories?

Another part of me thinks that putting up a vanity would be a nice use of the space, but then again, I put on the same make up every morning and it takes me about 3 seconds- I don't know if that validates square footage.

Then, the selfish part of me coos at the idea of a chaise.

A fainting couch.

A hiding spot. Not this, but maybe something like this?

I don't know how it would look back there as it's not a very wide space, so I'm unsure of if I'd have to climb into it or something, but the idea of a little place to curl up with a book and a dog away from everything (especially when we have guests or when we have kids) is really appealing.

If you had a random nook in a bedroom, what do you think you'd use it for?


  1. I like the fainting couch idea.

    Personally, I'd put up more useful shelving.

  2. I love it the way it is!!

    Fill the shelves with books, and put in a super cozy chair, with a small foot stool, cushy blanket, and a nice floor lamp, and one of those awesome fuzzy rugs (that I can't have because my cat would wizz on it). What a great place to go and hide to read a book!!

    Paint it a bright color and add the Ikea clip on lighting to the top of the shelves, to shine down on the books. Oooooo - to have a wonderful place to store all of our books!!!

    1. A few years ago I would have loved it too, but we donated a lot of our books that weren't classics, leather, our favorites, etc. and everything that is left fits in the huge built in in the dining room, so we actually don't HAVE other books to fill it up with. Right now it's full of our shoes (no coat closet) and all of Nate's nerf crap lol I agree though, somewhere to curl up sounds wonderful.

  3. Could you turn it into a closet? Lord knows I'd love more closet space!

    1. Yeah that is an option. We just don't fill the closet we have now.

  4. I'd do just one tall shelf, like the Billy bookcase from Ikea. I'd paint the inside of the shelf with a bright color and add a chaise and a floor lamp.

    A small plush rug underneath would be perfect as well.

    The Billy bookcase wouldn't have to be for books. You could have magazines in it, some boxes for accessories. You could even remove some of the shelves and screw cup hooks in the back to hang jewelry.

  5. I like the idea of a lamp, a rug and a chair +footstool/chaise. You wouldn't have to fill the bookshelves with books, just the things that make you smile...and bring good memories. Would be lovely.

  6. fainting couch. definitely. Hmm....I dunno...do you already have a linen closet? place for your vacuum cleaner (I spend a lot of time fantasizing about having a good place for my vacuum cleaner. but only downstairs, really. I have places for it upstairs).

  7. I do have a weird nook in my master bedroom! At first, I thought about a reading area, but then I remembered it would become another nice comfy place for the dog. Now, I'm thinking a makeup table, or disguise it and use it as a sewing nook (for when I learn how to sew, of course.)


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