Friday, February 8, 2013

Hiding (from) Nemo.

Last night, as I was headed to Ann Arbor, MI for a date with my Brenna, I got the news that there was going to be a Winter Storm Nemo (because honestly, I move so fast in the morning I never get around to the news until the night) and posted this status:

After like 8 inches of snow, and getting stuck in my neighborhood trying to get to work this morning I decided, screw it. I'm working from home today.

Sweet, sweet victory.

So, after going shopping and eating dinner in A2 last night, I did not get a project done for y'all. But, I did give you Hey Girl memes yesterday and a post. So I think we're square- yes?

What are you guys working on this weekend? What do you think I'm working on this weekend? What's your favorite color?

Let's be friends and hide from Nemo together. I think that sounds great. If anyone needs me, I'll be yelling at my VPN connection.


  1. Good luck with the snow! Snow is terrrrrible.

    Hooray for grown up snow days! It's totally ridiculous to go anywhere when the weather is gross.

    1. Sadly it isn't a true snow day as I still have to work, but at least I get to stay in my pajamas!

  2. Whoo hoo! Snow day! We haven't had one in forever here. We have cold rain today. Not as fun.

  3. We NEVER get to stay home from work when it snows. Officially jealous.

    1. It's not so much GETTING to stay home so much as you might fly off the road and die if you try to get there.

  4. For those of us who work from home ALL THE TIME, it's a bit of a swizz (as my husband would say). We NEVER get snow days, when your office is right in the other room. :-( Working from home 100% is absolutely NOT all it's cracked up to be. I crave human contact at times (other than over the phone), and when husb comes home from being away all day and wants to be home, all I want to do is get OUT of the house!! LOL

    That being said -- I'm hunkered in, doin' my work thing like every day, and watching the snow outside my window, which has finally stopped after about 4-5 inches.

    This weekend should be a major blast!! We are having our annual late Christmas with my BFF and her family - fantastic food and gifts for everyone!!

    And my fave color is red.

    Happy Friday!! :-)


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