Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Original Kitchen

The original kitchen in this house was where our current family room is.  Anything past that back wall was an addition (the bathroom, kitchen, garage and mudroom) so we're not entirely sure when the new kitchen was put on. My guess is sometimes in the 50's due to the only piece of the kitchen that is "original".

You all have seen the business side of the kitchen before...

But someone pointed out that they've never seen the other side of it.

You can kind of see the layout from this picture in the dining room- we have a U-shaped kitchen with a cleaning closet and the original floor to ceiling hutch on the other side.

For a better peak at the original hutch, let's go inside.

We love how they integrated it with the kitchen remodel, by adding in the tile backsplash underneath as well as painting it white. There are only a couple issues we have with it.

1.) The hardware is the old country style and doesn't match the brushed nickle in the rest of the kitchen. An easy fix, but one that will need to be done, none the less. (as you can tell by the one drawer handle hanging on by a thread)

2.) Since the door to the backyard is to the right of the waterbowl of doom, the bottom of this gets SO DIRTY.  I've already spent a lot of time on my hands and knees scrubbing mud off of it because it shows so much against the white.

We've been throwing a few ideas around, from repainting a fresh coat of white, then adding a coat of poly over it to make it easier to wash, to potentially painting the bottom half of the hutch a different color. Since it's already been painted and isn't the original wood, I don't feel bad about the idea of a repaint.

Since the kitchen is Blue, Green and white (which was super lucky for us because all of our kitchen accessories were already green!) and the walls are a perfect color matched blue, I am thinking the moody looking green might be a fun pop of color to this side of the room.

If people paint their islands a different color than their cabinets, why can't I do my hutch?

Of course, any changes done to this will have to be in the spring/summer. This room is incredibly drafty because of the two doors, large windows, and that it isn't on the houses' original foundation. It's about 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house at any given point (or 20 degrees hotter...) so I am fairly positive any painting done in there over the winter would chip and peel crazy style.

We've also been lucky that with buying the house so cheap that the kitchen was adorable and already our style. The only thing we've had to do is fill her up and change the curtains.

There were previously little 6 inch valances. I do not like six inch valances. ESPECIALLY in a drafty room. You need that curtain to block out the cold!

We already had these adorable white and green burnout curtains from World Market from our bedroom in our town house. We simply hemmed them off for the window over the sink, and then I used the remaining material on the garage door.

Though because the curtains are burnout to let the light in, in the garage you could see all of our garage crap. It was an easy enough fix, I just hung a double curtain rod and quickly sewed a blue curtain for the back out of a bed sheet we had.

Other than the hutch, and the back door (I'd love to get one with a window so I could see the back yard...but that's a want more than anything, so it can wait) we have no intention of changing anything in the kitchen at this time. It's beautiful and so our style.

Oh, other than the floors. The day I can get rid of that grout I will be a happy girl.

Grout and three dogs do not mix well.

Do you guys love your kitchens? Hate them? What's your favorite thing and biggest pet peeve about the one in your home? Have you lived somewhere else that you liked the kitchen better?


  1. I've never even posted pictures of my kitchen...because I hate it. All of the hardware matches the hardware on your absolutely wonderful hutch (which I'm loving!).

    1. Thanks! I love my hutch too, but I feel your pain on the hardware- it is atrocious.

  2. Obviously it's your house and you'll do what you want... but I think that keeping the top white (new coat?) and painting the bottom half that nice green would be awesome! I thought that looked really dumb, but the more I look at pictures like that, it looks awesome. That way it would still be tied in to the rest of the kitchen with the white cabinets but you won't have to worry about dirty dog prints...

    On to my kitchen. It's the best and worst kitchen I've ever had. We're always lived in apartments, which mean tiny kitchens. I finally have a good sized kitchen (for an apartment) but I had a total of 10 inches of counterspace on either side of my tiny sink. And the sink itself.. it's double sided but super tiny that I can't even wash my big pot in it. And the apartments are kinda old, so the sink backs up pretty often, especially if I wash dishes and run the washer at the same time... yes, the washer is in the kitchen. And the dryer is in the utility room to the left of the kitchen right under the giant outlet for dryer plugs. The dryer vent? 10 feet away on the outside wall, which meant that we had to buy a 20 foot dryer vent instead of the regular short and manageable one... now we have a giant dryer vent hose thing taking up 6 inches of floor space running behind the microwave/toaster oven stand and an old ass metal cabinet... (because yes, lack of counter space = lack of cabinets. I have 2 7 inch drawers.) I'M A BAKER. I NEED SPACE TO DO BAKERY STUFF. At least there's space for the kids to be not quite under my feet.

    1. Your kitchen layout sounds WEIRD, lady. Like super super weird. Dryer Vents? Separated washer and dryer? WEIRD. At least it's only an apartment though so it's not forever! I also used to think the multiple colored cabinets looked weird but I think it's grown on me enough to try it. Plus, if I hate it, what's another coat of white paint?

  3. I love the old hutch!! Not only do they store a ton, they bring so much character to a home :)

    1. Lordy do they store a ton! All of our weird appliances are in there and we use it like a pantry. So much storage!

  4. That hutch is great! you should definitely have some fun with it, color-wise. Our kitchen is....very nicely updated and not at all what I would have picked. I feel like a whiny baby about it because it really is very nice. Someone spent a lot of money on it while completely neglecting stuff like the really old furnaces. I really need to find a way to give it some more personality, because ripping out the granite because it's not the pattern I would have chosen is totally not an option.

    1. Ohhhh I hate when that happens! Especially because they probably remodeled it 10 minutes before selling it. I would so much rather a seller offer a 10k bonus to redo the kitchen than seeing something that's beautiful and new, but so not the way you'd do it.

    2. It was a foreclosure, so I think it was more like they remodeled it 10 minutes before they ran out of money to pay the mortgage. I'm totally fascinated by the people who used to live here and their odd choices. Also, Dave has been told how hot the mom was by two different people in the neighborhood.

  5. I hate my kitchen. The cabinets are old, the shelves in them sag. They're hung too high. I can just reach the bottom shelf ok and just barely the 2nd one. I am short but I go into my friends' kitchens and their cabinets are hung normally.
    My kitchen is the galley style and small. I lack a pantry. The kitchen is adjacent to a large, mostly purposeless room but I can't really expand into it since the front door is between the rooms. One day I will remodel it.... :)

    I like the hutch and agree it needs new hardware.

    1. Boo! That is so sad. One can not be inspired by a bad kitchen. But I also can't stand galley style. I have never seen it done to the point where I'm like, "Yeah I totally spend all day every day in there!"

      I hope you figure out a way to make it work!

    2. I really wanted a nice, spacious kitchen. But, really, who am I kidding? I'm not much of a cook!

      Oh, your kitchen looks similar to the blue in that front room I mentioned :)

  6. I luuurvvveee that hutch! I dream of one in my home! I think a color on the bottom would be fun too! I wish I had the nerve to paint my ugly pine (think orangish yellow plain fronts) cabinets. It just seems like such a big job. We're currently working on the kitchen...fresh paint on the walls and ceiling, repainting the beadboard on the lower part of the walls, and some new art/decorating. It's coming along but I just feel like those cabinets are gonna leave me with that "not finished" look.

    Your colors are great too! I would have never chosen those colors but they work in your kitchen! And that sink!!! OMG, Emma....that sink is fantastic!

    1. I KNOW THE SINK IS AMAZING. It makes me swoon. Dishes are fun again! I love it.

      I think painting the cabinets could be daunting, but not as much as you think. You could do the ol' spray thing, or if you wanted to do it with a brush, on our bathroom cabinet we just did two coats of primer and three coats of paint and primer in one with a paintbrush and it doesn't look handpainted at all. Or you could strip them with Zip Strip and restain them!

  7. How lucky to buy a house that's kitchen already marched your stuff! Painting the bottom part of the hutch sounds like a great idea. I desperately wish we had more storage.

    When we bought our house, the kitchen was hideous. Orange-red walls, dirty wooden cabinets, pink Formica, and curling linoleum. Since then we have painted everything, put up new backsplash,, replaced the sink and counters, and are getting ready to replace the floors. It's not perfect, but it's much more us now.

    Good luck with the hutch!


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