Friday, March 15, 2013

3 Seams, 6 Pillows, 1 Hour

My mother has been riding my ass about my couch pillows for about 3 months. I bought/made some when we first got our Karlstad in July, but the room really changed directions since then and they were starting to look skeezy.

I would get text massages like, "you changed your pillows yet?" "do you need me to come up and sew you some pillows?" "your pillows are bothering me and I'm not even in your house."

And people wonder where I get it...

And since finishing up the ombre art, I really wanted to get the room pulled together.

The great thing about pillow covers is that they don't have to be as expensive as people think. You only need 1/2 a yard for each pillow, so if you were to get your fabric on clearance or at Wal-Mart, you could redo your pillows for $0.50 each! So, I set off on a couch pillow mission.

To show everyone the picture again that made my mother cringe- and me...I knew they were bad...

What makes this picture especially bad was that the white balance was off, the yellow pillow was supposed to be in the family room, and there's no context for the green.

However, I did post it on the internet, so I suck.

I think that this looks much better. And I put green food dye in my wine glasses to feel festive for St. Patrick's Day.

And here's some pillow lovin' for ya.

I made these using a modified version of my halloween envelope pillow.

Basically, you lay your fabric on the table, right side up, then place your pillow form in the middle. Fold over each side and pin, remove pillow form, then run a seam down both sides. (The third seam comes from finishing the edge on the fold). Turn right side out, stuff with pillow form, fluff.

Boom. Insta-pillow.

It seriously takes about 5 minutes a pillow. I didn't even get to watch all of Rent before I was done.

After the pillows were done, I continued on my quest for pictures that will do the living room justice.

Maybe it would help if the dogs didn't put their toys back out right after I put them away...

Finally, a pillow for snuggly time on the recliner.

Oh, and because I can...I will throw this in here just in case you find pillow talk boring.

I hope everyone has a safe weekend! We'll be getting our green beer on, what are you guys doing this weekend?

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  1. I have a confession. I have never sewn a pillow cover. Ever. And I always want to. One day, I'm going to follow your instructions and DO it! I happen to have a basement couch with NO good pillows. It's a travesty.

  2. Your mom is funny. and your pillows are pretty. Every time you sew something, I'm like, "I should sew something, too; I could do that!" but then I don't. Someday! My bed needs pillows. I mean pretty ones. We have the ones you put your head on when you sleep.

  3. Love the fabric/color combo you chose...looks so nice! Much better! Mom is always right!


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