Sunday, March 24, 2013

For a Friend

One of my high school friends is having a baby girl in July! So exciting. She is definitely not a pink girl though, so we put together this mood board of what she is going for. Of course, this doesn't include furniture or anything like that, but we were just going for a vibe.




Butterfly Mirror

Stuffed Dragonfly



Flower Pillow

Chevron Pillow

Circle Pillow

Flower Mobile

It's a good jumping off point, but hopefully we'll add to it as we go! I'd of course go with white or wood furniture and probably teal and green walls. Then use the purple as the main accent and just a few pops of pink.

Hope this helps, Pauletta!!


  1. Kinda makes me wish I was having another baby! Love this. You're a good friend :)

  2. I would have no idea how to decorate for a girl--(okay, that's not true; I had a plan in my head already, involving vintage birds)--it's so hard to avoid overdoing the pink with what there is out there to work with! So fun getting to do a nursery with a friend--yay :)

  3. love love love the inspiration here. so soft and cute.

  4. Such pretty inspirations! So funny.. my sis was so anti pink while prego too! but after that little one was born.. she got pink fever.. she even wears it now!! and seriously she used to hate pink! so crazy how babies change people!


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