Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our last night as a 4-pack

Tonight I am going to be taking Artie to his new parents. I am very excited for him. Though, as ready as I am to have my life back to normal, I was kind of sad last night as we were hanging out and playing to think he's going to be gone.

He's so large it will definitely be a noticeable change.

Since this week was all about us being a DIY Family (Thanks to Rita for that phrase- it rocks) I wanted to share some of what I was seeing last night. Then, next week we will be back to our usual DIY shenanigans.

This was most of the night. Artie likes to watch TV, so I popped in more Alias and everyone got to snuggling.

I still love the size difference between T&A

There was also position changes, and various assaults on pillows and blankets.

Artie and Seamus pretended to love each other (Seamus is ready for Artie to leave...)

Artie started to snore and it freaked Teagan out so she decided to make herself comfortable elsewhere...

I think tonight will be bittersweet. I'll make sure to post tomorrow about how the exchange goes! After tonight, the next time I'll see Artie is in June when I go to Chicago for a babyshower.


  1. You were so good to do this for Artie. You saved his life. He'll never forget you :)

  2. So sweet. Good luck with the exchange!

  3. Good luck! You're such a good dog mom!


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