Monday, March 11, 2013

Round Peg, Wrong Hole

Hi Friends!

I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend. Nate gave me "the weekend off" and I scurried up 2 hours north to spend some time with my sister's family and my mom (her grandma present from my dad was a little 2 bedroom house by her grandkids so she hides up there for a month or two at a time) it was really nice to have some time to hang out and catch up with my family. Nate spent the weekend with his mom who is recovering from a minor surgery (he vacuumed for her- how cute is that). We also preformed a little surgery at home.

We have started making plans for the kitchen hutch we talked about a couple weeks ago.

It's really nothing special to look at right now with all it' charm. Whoever remodeled the kitchen did a great job by integrating the back splash onto it and making it match the white cabinetry, but I bet they weren't thinking three dogs were going to be barreling past it to get outside- hence the forever dirtyness of it all.

We have decided that we are going to paint the bottom half green and leave the top half white, but we are going to wait for the weather to clear up a little bit more first before we paint so the paint will be less likely to chip (the back door is really drafty).

In the mean time, I remembered about 3 years ago I bought drawer pulls from Anthropology on clearance while visiting my parents in Chicago. I bought six knobs with the plans of using them on mine and Nate's bedroom dresser- but quickly after buying them our color scheme changed and they've been sitting in our "decor" box in the basement waiting for a reason to use them. I wasn't going to drive 5 hours to return them and they were really pretty. Plus, I'm never one to call it quits on ceramic pulls.

I had a mix match of these pulls.

I bought them on clearance so I grabbed any that coordinated.

It just so happened when I was looking at the hutch the other day that I realized they matched the kitchen perfectly.

I immediately pulled Nate from his lazy afternoon to get his input and we thought we could put them on for a "trial" period until we paint the hutch.

After all, anything would be better than the hammered iron look we had going on in there right now.

The downside? Once we took the old knobs off, the new knobs wouldn't fit in the damn holes!

(that's what she said)

Nate, in all his handsome bald genius, ran off to grab a straight bolt and began hammering it through the existing holes. We hammered it through each hole twice to make it slightly big enough. 30 seconds later, our knobs were able to slide on through!

No power drill required. And that's a good thing as one size too big and our pulls wouldn't have worked at all!

It's still not much to look at right now as there's still country hinges and pulls on it, but it does give us a better idea of where we're going.

I'll also be taking the brass plating off either using some steel wool or they'll get a coat of spray paint.

It is a very fun splash of color for now.

 Oh, and as for the big ticket item this weekend- everyone went and got groomed. They are still exhausted. But, they smell like vanilla and are ADORABLE. Example.

What did everyone do this weekend?


  1. LOVE the mismatched knobs! And green on the bottom=awesome. And those bows are killing me! Gable's groomer doesn't decorate him at all. I should complain; I pay enough!

    1. You think they're killing you? Every time one of them would walk up to me I just turned into a 5 year old, "OMG STOP LOOKING AT ME YOU'RE TOO CUTE OMGOMGOMGOMG" It was amazing. Teagan especially since we'd never seen her groomed.

      Mismatching is the way to go with knobs like these! All the colors coordinate- so it totally works!


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