Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some Plans

One thing having 200+ pounds of dogs in our house has done has made us keep the place super tidy and we can actually appreciate all the hard work we've been doing.

It's also making the things that we wouldn't notice as much really obvious. And now they're really bothering me.

Here is our old list.

Finish the dining room table & purchase chairs 
Install new bathroom counter top
Stain existing bathroom cabinet
Frame mirror in bathroom
Get a new pretty white energy star toilet for the downstairs Add dual flusher to toilet upstairs Paint the downstairs bath. Paint the living room Get the fireplace checked Get curtains for the dining room Get curtains for living room Sew new throw pillows for the family room
Get a runner for the hallway
Create a boot drip for the front hallway
Get the garage door fixed
Finish Teagan's Dog Bed so we can put her Crate away.  
Get the TV Mounted BAM.
Get the dining room/TV room, painted and fluffed.
Get the hallway re-wallpapered, and get new light fixture
Get the front porch cushions re-covered.
Refinish Dining Room Table
Paint upstairs hallway
Stain Bathroom Cabinet

Artwork for Master Bedroom
Strip Wallpaper and paint upstairs bathroom.  

So, I didn't get to cross a lot off this time, but I certainly have a lot that I want to add. Here are some new additions to the list; 

  • Strip and Stain guest room door (Artie might have had a panic attack and gauged the back of the door)
  • Repaint white trim in the kitchen
  • Repaint basement door
  • Spackle and paint the bookshelf (yeah we totally remodeled it in like October, but true to us...we totally skipped the last step)
  • DVD Storage
  • Cabinet doors or something to hide uglies in the built ins
  • Create a Linen Solution
  • Redrywall the future nursery- we started ripping down the wallpaper just while we were on a wallpaper removing roll but discovered it's cardboard instead of drywall behind it so we need to rip it down and redo it. Better to do this now than when I'm pregnant (because I'm not.)
  •  Roof (I'm putting this on here because it is being installed next week and it's always more fun when you can cross something off)
  • Add some height to the formal living room. The brown sectional is kind of weighing it down for me
  • Add color to dining room curtains
  • Spring Clean the shit out of Shit.
  • Fix sashes in the windows so when we can open them they'll actually open
  • Measure windows so we can start hitting up scrap yards for storms and screens.

 Of course this is a running list- but this should keep us busy forever...or at least until summer where our lists BLOWS UP. So far our summer list is 2 pages long, but we'll share those when there's not snow on the ground.

What are you guys trying to get done before the good weather gets here?


  1. Sounds like a good list to me. I have a yardwork list 5 miles long.

  2. Hello, I am a new reader..I love your blog!! I am experiencing such a range of emotions reading..first of all, I still have tears and a snotty nose from reading about Artie. Then I start reading this post and get down to 'Spring Clean the shit outta shit' !!!! So, laughing through tears..You could probably come up with an entire line of motivational products with that sentence. And everybody will be saying it to each other: S.C.S.O.S.


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