Thursday, April 25, 2013

Foster...Room mate?

Just when we got rid of foster dog, another stray wandered into our house. Such is our life, isn't it?

You've probably seen Brenna's name on this blog or her butt on the side of pictures. Brenna and I have been friends since high school and we grew up about 2 miles apart from each other (she was a year ahead of me though, so of course, until high school grades don't cross much) Brenna is also the one who threw a hissy fit and ripped down the wall paper in the stairwell.

You know... Brenna.

Here's our awkwardness circa 2006.
Well, Brenna graduated from college a few weeks ago and decided "I want to live in Michigan!" and then three hours later she was in my driveway with a car full of crap.

Not that much of a surprise to Nate and I since she has been making the drive from Ohio at least twice a month to stay- on average, Brenna is with us about 1 week a month.

Well, we are happy to say, we've had Miss Brenna for about 2 weeks now full time and we are thrilled to have her. We are also thrilled that she landed a job the third day she got here- because we're badasses like that (who says Michigan doesn't have jobs?).

2011 Awkwardness
Kenz actually has a really awesome post about having room mates when you're married but luckily for us, we've basically been living together part time for so long that this really hasn't been a big deal. It's actually super fun to come home from work and have your best friend waiting for you with a Diet Coke on the back porch.

We're considering it more of a foster room mate situation than a lease/income situation. Nate and I don't need to take rent from her as money has always been fluid between the three of us anyway ('hey, I really need Chinese food, but I'm broke, can you buy it?' or 'Dude, will you pick me up a chocolate bar on your way home?') I'm sure "rent" will get paid through bullshit throughout the month. We have however been working on a "room mate agreement" and a way to divide utilities.

(Big Bang. Obvs. Source)
We are actually so used to Brenna being in our house that when we were house hunting we had to have a room big enough for Brenna to comfortably stay- I think we all knew this was going to happen anyway. The 'guest room' has always been referred to as 'Brenna's Room' and she even helped me paint it and I made sure not to do it in a color scheme that would make her want to stab her eyes out (the girl is particular...)

Don't be deceived though, this is not just my friend.

These two. I tell you what. Nate was so excited when I told him Brenna had moved in. ( really happened that fast, but like I said, Nate and I have kind of seen this coming for a few years now) Brenna and Nate are nerds x1000 so I frankly love having someone to ship him off to the comic book store with so I can get drunk have a glass of wine in the bathtub.

So, that's why stuff has been kind of quiet this week. We are currently apartment hunting/moving her stuff up from Ohio/trying to find places to put all of her hoop skirts (I'm not kidding).

I can tell you for sure, you guys are in for some fun stories this summer. This weekend we're hoping to make the bedroom a little more useful for someone actually living in there (aka somewhere to put a jewelry box, hanging clothes up, adding some personal touches, etc.)

Have you guys ever had a bestie crash your house?


  1. Fun!

    (one time I did have my best friend from high school on my couch for awhile in college...but it was sort of a disaster)

  2. No.. i have only had my in laws.. and it wasnt such a great experience! But im glad you are loving your roomie!! It sounds like fun!

  3. I'm laughing because I have a "second" husband through a slightly similar situation. He's just a weekend guest though since he actually does have his own apartment where we live. It just works out so much better to get liquored and just crash safely in his own bedroom. The room he tells our families he will let borrow when they come to town :)

    I found your blog through my stepsister's link on fb - so now you have another PCOS w/IR infertile (%.5+ yrs into treatments) animal loving, broke ass house renovating reader out there :)

    1. Awesome! Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for reading :)


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