Friday, April 5, 2013

In response to all your ideas

You guys SERIOUSLY rock. Like...fragglerock. You're amazing. Thank you to everyone who just confirmed for me that the living room was a clusterfuck and I need to redo it. Since we got a bajillion comments that I was just repeating myself I thought I'd say it all in one fell swoop.

Nate didn't believe me until I presented him with this arguement.

"The brokies say its wrong"
"They don't see it in person, it's fine, I mean, somethings off, but not everything"

And that is how the conversation went.

A.) Whoever said the fan should be white-
You're a freaking god. I am so doing that. Not with this fan though because it's vintage and the brass is lovely, but new fan=white.

B.) The curtains going higher/wider than the window-
I am personally not a fan of this look. I think the space between the curtain and the actual window looks awkward when it's like 3 feet higher. I would feel the need something behind the curtains which is just silly. We are, however planning on making valances to help draw the eye up and not let the brown couch be so heavy. Hopefully that will help.

C.) Put a table/lamp/stuff on the other side of the couch.
We can't. Yeah, I know that is a super sad blunt way of putting it. I guess I just assumed everyone knew we watched TV from the sectional. When we did the bookshelf reno we installed a swivel mount so we could pull the TV out and watch it on the couch (there is not room for Nate and I AND the dogs on the loveseat in the family room) so if we put anything on the other side of the couch it will block the TV. We have tried a few things over there, including ottomans, Teagan's dog bed, and the side table but they just block the screen and we can't enjoy a movie as a family. 

We are thinking that a nice piece of artwork needs to go over there to balance out the giant clock (which is our favorite part about the room) so we'll see if it looks any better after we build the valances and whatnot. We've also talked about building a sofa table for behind the sectional to be able to put lamps, etc. behind the couch instead of next to it.

D.) The paint color is maybe wrong.
I think that is how I'm feeling too. The paint color isn't offensive by any means but it's not right either. I think when I mixed my own paint I took the warmth out of the paint- so this will probably get repainted.

E.) The curtains.
I know. I'm sad. I love those curtains. And of course, I hemmed them so they weren't bunched behind the couch so I can't really use them somewhere else in the house. My life is hard, and my curtains are wrong. I'm actually thinking of mixing D and E here...I have thought about painting the walls white but after talking with Nate about it, we would totally paint it again in three months because it wouldn't work for our family, so we're thinking solid white curtains to keep it airy.

F.) The coffee table.
This is awesome that you guys are over the coffee table- we are too. We've actually started to build an ottoman and keeping running into logistical issues, so as soon as we figure out the ottoman thing, these will probably get sold at the spring yard sale.

G.) The side table/lamp/etc.
This is one I actually wasn't expecting. I knew that I never put forth the effort to "stage" it (hey man, that takes up valuable dinner plate space...) but I wasn't expecting some hate on my lamp. I love lamp. However, I have two lamps in my basement that I wanted to redo anyway, and they may be a better fit in the space, so maybe yellow lamp can go live in the hallway or something. As for putting an MCM table over there or something, it would have to be a...not delicate surface. This table is actually precariously perched on a wood slatted floor vent. ...That the wood is breaking on. Pretty much we expect any day for the table to go crashing through the floor, but it's an old house, what are you doing to do! Haha...maybe we could wall mount something? There's gotta be something there because we're gross and eat in the living room since we have no kids and we can.

H.) Grey looks bad with wood. (Who said that? We're fighting!)
Our house was beiges and whites and creams when we bought it. It looked AWFUL with the wood as our hardwood floors are red striped oak. It made the whole house look orange. By going across the color wheel to the blues/grays, we've been able to cool down the rooms enough to make them not I agree though that this is not the RIGHT gray, but if you have a problem with gray and wood, you may want to creep a different house, because that is our go-to neutral color to cool down all the warm tones in our house. It's okay, I still love you...but I love gray too. Just not this gray.

I.) My recliner rocks.
I'm glad you all agree with me! Sometimes Nate gets really frustrated with us decorating around the chair. I told him the chair has a more secure spot in our house than him some days. Granted, it's the one thing in the house I bought without conferring with him first so he might just be bitter about that. Luckily, it's my chair...soooo too bad for him, right?

J.) The layout is confusing.
Our formal living room is a really, really odd space with no wall space. So to try and give you a better idea of it, I thought I'd draw a little rendition of it. 

Does that help at all, or does that make it worse? It's not perfect...but it kind of shows that we're dealing with. We try to keep the attention in this room on the fireplace and conversation, which is why we put the TV on the mount in the other room.
Basically, y'all think I need to start over it sounds like! Thank you so much for all your help. And I'm not being sarcastic- I'm glad I wasn't just sitting there being over-reactive blogger. If you guys have any other hints this weekend I would love to hear them!


  1. LOL!!! Ok - I'll take my credit for the fan suggestion, thankyaverymuch! :-)

    Ok - so this is hilarious!! It's totally weird and creepy to think that, in the middle of the night, I was lying in bed thinking about someone else's living room when I don't even know them. But I was!!! I could not figure out where your TV was and how you watched it alllll the way in the family room!! So now that I get how that happens, I think I should be able to sleep tonight. And my brilliant idea of moving the super cool chair over to the other side of the couch will clearly not work.

    I think you have a great start to getting it perfect!! Woohoo!

    1. Oh crack me! I realized last night that people probably didn't understand the TV thing which was one of the motivations for writing today's post. With how large the fireplace is, there was no way to put our TV in the living room without removing something original to the house- as that wasn't an option we had to improvise!

  2. Emma,
    I really like your mix of colors and patterns... I think the two rooms coordinate really well and you are very talented at mixing patterns and textures. Your rooms have a nice, layered effect. That being said, I think there are only 2 things throwing me off: 1) the coffee table/end table situation... I like them as individual pieces but I don't necessarily think they go with the rest of the room. I think (and this is just my opinion, you know what they say, they're like buttholes, everyone has one) that your room would be better suited with something a little smaller and sleeker, maybe something in the mid-century modern category? and 2) I noticed that some of your moldings and trim are painted white and some are wood... have you thought about making it all white? It might brighten things up a little more. I like wood and all the wood detailing in your house is o-masing, but it's just a thought. Other than that, I like everything else, your colors, fabrics, curtains, paint etc.... I think it's all a nice mix. Hope I didn't put you on comment overload!

    1. Misty, there is no such thing as pattern overload!

      I think the coffee/end table thing is something that needs to be resolved. Hopefully when we get the ottoman done it will make big difference.

      I love the butthole comment.

      There are some white trim from the dining room that were done before we moved in- we've actually considered stripping the white off of them, but at the same time we don't know the condition of what is underneath it (or if there's lead paint, eek!) We have zero plans of painting any of our woodwork. Our woodwork is like our religion- it seems like a sin to paint 110 year old hardwood.

      Thank you for liking our old house!!

  3. We DO have a child and we DO often eat in our tv there!!! You sayin I'm gross?!

    (Sorry...couldn't let that one go)

  4. You know, I kind of know how you feel. So far, there are 2 rooms I had to redo: My bedroom, my dining room. Sometimes it just doesn't sit right the first time, and that's okay. Once we start making changes, things really come to life, and you fall in love even harder. I think you'll figure out what you need to do, and you'll LOVE it!

  5. Hey, you made my day calling all of us "brokies" :) So darn cute! Hope you weren't too overwhelmed with all the opinions. After all, this is your home, and you are the one that is living in it, lol!


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