Monday, April 15, 2013

Leave her alone for five minutes...

So, if we can just get to it, this weekend, Nate and I welcomed our Bestie, Brenna for one of her extended visits and Nate and I stepped outside to have a talk. We came back inside and Brenna had ripped down the wallpaper from the stairs.

Yes, you read that right. We didn't ask her to, we weren't planning on doing it this weekend, but it was apparently really bothering her and just decided to take it down.

You know you're best friends when you just laugh when your friend rips down your wall paper!

It was very dirty beige on beige vertical stripes.

Pardon the Christmas time I wasn't planning on tackling this project yet I didn't have...uh...time to take pictures.

She somehow got the whole first layer off in about half an hour. Now we just need to go over it with the safe and simple wallpaper remover to get the glue off. 

 We did get to witness the joy/fear of Nate hanging off the landing upstairs trying to reach the high corner to get the last bit of paper off... since we hadn't rented scaffolding for the impromptu removal. *sigh*

What did you guys start on this weekend?


  1. This made me laugh. I think all of our projects start basically this same way. One of us, for reasons we never really know, will decide something just can't be tolerated one minute longer--and stuff starts getting ripped up. Looking forward to seeing what you do here.

  2. That is a sign of true friendship! LOL!!

  3. Love this girl!! Can't wait to see how you update that space :)

  4. It takes a really good friend to strip wallpaper for you!

  5. hahaha awesome- well I guess you're going to have to get on that whether you like it or not now!

  6. BFFs are life's motivators. My sister would totally do some shit like that :)

    1. You know, my sister probably would too ;)

  7. hahahhaha i LOVE this. Also, it looks like it came off pretty easily. So that's good! Are you just going to paint over it? Or still wall paper it?? I think you should paint it mermaid!

  8. Wallpaper be gone!!!!! Woo hoo!

  9. That' what friends are for! lol - It looks lovely and your stairs and railing has me swooning!! Pretty!!


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