Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Solutions to the Things that Bother me A LOT!

I'm not a crazy housekeeper- I am not super into everything being perfect- but there are a few things that make me twitch so bad that I couldn't stand it anymore and I had to do something about it!

1.) The upstairs bathroom door creeks closed and doesn't stay open or closed.

This has been making me miserable- I don't care if the door closes- TMI: we don't actually close bathroom doors in our house anyway because it is just us and the dogs just push them open anyway. But, it doesn't stay open! The floors upstairs are slightly pitched so it veers closed leaving you to stub your toe on your way to the bathroom in the dark.

So cranky.


This adorable cast iron bird doorstop from World Market. Now the door stays open, and it totally goes with the adorable bird theme in the bathroom.

Cost of solution: $8

2.) Dog Toys. EVERYWHERE.

I don't mind that the dogs have lots of toys and I certainly don't mind them being out- but now that no one is being crated (yay!) There's no where to put them when I'm cleaning/taking pictures/etc. I really believe that if something doesn't have a home, it is always going to be a problem.


This plicker (plastic-wicker) colorblocked basket from the patio section at Target. (Couldn't find a link- sorry!)

We put the basket next to the fireplace and threw everything in there. Granted, Seamus takes them all out right away- but at least they have somewhere to go when I'm frustrated. It makes me feel much, much better.

Cost of solution: $25

3.) Pillows EVERYWHERE.

See, this one was my bad. I love thousands of throw pillows on the bed. Buttt....when I don't make the bed there's thousands of throw pillows on the floor. I have now been making the concious effort to wake up five minutes earlier to make the bed. It makes a huge difference on how I feel when I crawl into bed at the end of the day, and it makes the room look 1000% cleaner without the pillows all over the floor.

Cost of solution: Sleep. Precious Sleep.

So those are the little changes we've made that make me feel much, much better about life.

What are the little things that drive you CRAZY and how do you remedy them?


  1. the pet hair drives me INSANE. so. much. hair. I try to dust/wipe off/spray while I'm waiting for things around the house. So like, while the Keurig is brewing my tea I sweep the stairs (there's just 5) with the dustpan, and while my waffles are toasting I wipe down the black coffee tables (what the heck was I thinking getting black furniture)....

    I think the toy basket is a great idea that I totally need to get on!

  2. I think for me with three kiddos I cant stand when they shove everything under their bed and you can see it from the hall way or as soon as you walk in. I guess I wouldn't mind so much if it just didn't show, but I hate clutter under the bed. Hmm maybe I should buy/make longer bed skirts. BTW I love your shower curtain and your bathroom looks amazing :)

  3. We use an old metal milk crate for dog toys. Too bad my lab knows how to remove all the toys but not put them away! The upside is he keeps bringing his toys outside which means they're not allowed back in (he ends up peeing on them). That doorstopper is adorable. I love World Market.

  4. Love that little door stop! Now just be careful not to stub your toes on THAT instead of the door ;)

  5. That door stop is the bomb.com. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. OMG! Your bathroom is so cute! Love the tub!

  7. Way to get on it! Sometimes the little changes make the biggest differences.

    For me, making the bed is crucial. I hate the way it looks when it's not made and it really only takes a few minutes to make. It's the first thing I do when I get out of bed in the morning, along with drawing back the curtains to let in the light. I've gotten to used to doing it that if I skip it, it feels wrong!

  8. Loving the door stop! I also have to second the value of making the bed. It really makes me feel more organized and grown up!

  9. Great door stop!
    Horizontal surfaces make me crazy (because things collect on them). Working on solving it; another 10 years and I might have a solution!


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