Monday, April 29, 2013

Our First "Baby" Project

If you haven't already read Friday's post, please take a moment to do so as a preface to this.

We have started working on the Kid/Playroom and it is making me super, super happy. The room is so dark and dreary that any little thing I can do to prove we're moving in a forward direction instead of staring at an ugly, empty room is good news to me.

This weekend, I thought I would revamp the dresser in the space. Now please remember that we haven't done the walls yet, so all of the pictures until we do that are going to look ugly as hell. I know the end game, so I can see past it, y'all are going to think I'm crazy.

Our inspiration for the nursery is being drawn from a post card that I found at Rock, Paper, Scissors in Ann Arbor, MI- that really sums up how Nate and I feel about our ability (or lack thereof) to have a child.

Here is how I incorporated it into the room this weekend:

I decided I wanted to do a two toned dresser, but decided to leave the wood "as-is" currently on the outside until we paint the walls. Once our wallpaper comes in we'll be able to see if it's going to be more white or cream and there's no point in doing it twice. I'd love to paint the shell of the dresser white to match the walls and let it kind of disappear.

To complete this project I emptied and removed the drawers, then using 100 grit sandpaper and my palm sander, I gave each drawer front a quick sand.

Then I wiped it down with some water on a paper towel, let it dry, and started in with my foam brush and my sample of paint and primer in one in Pencil (which I already had from the beanstalk. woo!) It took about 5 really thin coats to get it to the brightness I wanted it to be, but since the wood was unfinished they dried so fast, I had the dresser painted within a few hours (only interrupted by husbands, dogs, and neighbor kids ambushing us in the yard with nerf swords and a war had to be waged luckily, we're fully stocked in nerf.)

After the war was lost (you have to let the 3-9 year olds win when they ambush you...) we started throwing around ideas for drawer pulls. Previously, there were really cloudy crystal drawer pulls that were just a little too frumpy for a nursery. We went patrolling to our usual favorite stores and ended up finding exactly what we wanted on clearance at World Market  (the same place we found our awesome bird/owl pulls for the bathroom) for $1.40 a piece. Heck yes! They are ceramic sky blue with creamy white polka dots. Perf for a kid room.

In this picture you can actually see how banged up the dresser is too)
We then threw a couple books that we've picked up over time and the frame on top and called it a day!

All in all, this project cost us $11.40 this weekend- just the 8 drawer pulls! Talk about a cheap facelift!

It was a really strange feeling for me doing a project for this room. For over a year (even when we were house hunting) every room that could be turned into the "well, this is the baby's room so we can't put anything it it" room. It is really nice to start just...doing it anyway. Life can catch up with us- we're moving forward.

What'd all my lovelies do this weekend?


  1. Love those little knobs--so sweet!

  2. Life can catch up with us - we're moving forward. ....I love those words, Emma!!!! Such a great way of thinking. The dresser looks great and those blue pulls!!!

  3. those knobs are really cute-- and you know I love me a good ceramic bird :)

  4. The dress is adorable. The knobs are perfect. YAY baby rooms!!!

  5. Love World Market's drawer pulls and wall hooks!

  6. You've got a great, healthy attitude, and I love it :) Love your little blue knobs too!

  7. Is this the same color as the yellow in your downstairs bookcase?? Love that the same cheery, sunny colors keep showing up!

    1. Yes, it is! It was a pure coincidence that they're the same yellow but it matched perfectly with the wallpaper- so we're running with it!


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