Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Roofing Experience (One million words)

Our roof, gutters, and windows, start to finish lasted five days. And now that we've had about two weeks of rainstorms, I can feel comfortable with saying- I think it was a success.

Not only does the front of our house look way better, but we've been way less drafty and we've been watching water pour out of our gutters instead of over them.

Today we'll be talking about the roof. 

We went with a local company in Lansing and were confused but pleased for a lot of the whole thing. They didn't end up coming for about 5 weeks after we'd paid in full (long enough to the point I was calling them asking when the hell it was going up) and then when they did show up, it was a subcontractor, which, if you remember correctly, the company specifically said they weren't going to do. Luckily, when I called the office I was told the roofers were staff but there was a guy or two from other companies that were working with them temporarily. They were all licensed with the company and they were employees.

(it still sounded like subcontractors to me, but whatever, too late now.) 

The guys, no matter what company they worked for, were very rowdy, sweet, dirty, cussing guys (just the way Nate and I like them!) and we actually enjoyed having them around for a couple days.

The worked 11 hours at a time and were fast.

Day one really went off without a hitch. They came, they did half the roof, they cleaned up, they left.

(but they didn't have a dumpster with them?)

The lack of dumpster didn't bother Nate. It bothered the hell out of me. They were dumping stuff in the driveway and then when the pile was too big to deal with anymore, they'd shovel it into a trailer and drive that back to the office and dump it, then come back. It seemed really ridiculous to me. Get a dumpster, dump the shit in the dumpster, take the dumpster away. Whatever.

However, despite my crankiness, when we went outside to do the day one check, my yard was spotless and the half of the house looked wonderful, so their crazy methods obviously worked. They even cleaned up the back yard so we could let the dogs be in the yard for awhile that night.

Then the really weird thing happend.

They told me they needed to talk to my neighbor because our houses were so close that they wanted to remove a piece of her siding and nail a tarp to her house. That way, when they were flinging shit down tomorrow they wouldn't scratch up her house.

Okay, yeah, that makes sense, but you guys couldn't tell me that sometime in the five weeks before you did the roof? Or hell, maybe last week when I saw you guys scoping out my yard? (Bridget was not amused by that, by the way.)

Talk about putting my poor neighbor on the spot, and thank god her and I are really good friends or that could have been an awkward introduction.

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but my roofers are here, can we rip apart your house?

Thankfully, she was cool with it (but what could they have done if she said no, really? Come on.) So the next day, they came back, ripped part of Jen's house off, then did the second half of the roof. It was day 2 they removed my satellite dish too. PRAISE BE. I hate satellite. They're fugly. Not a fan. GTFO MY HOUSE.

Day two I wasn't as happy about. We told everyone when we signed the contract, every night the back yard had to be empty so our dogs could be out (call me crazy, but I'm not taking three dogs for a walk through the park in the dark, in Lansing. Nope. That's why I bought a house)

After the roofers left we went to let the dogs out and they'd left all their stuff in the back yard. And I mean pallets of shingles, ladders, metal, everything. I was pissed but at 8pm, it's not like you can call the office to be like GET THIS SHIT OUT OF MY YARD. Then I looked over...they had not put Jen's siding back on. Nor was it covered with a tarp.

THAT pissed me off. Luckily it didn't rain that night or it could have ended really badly.

I wasn't home when the roofers finished up the third day, but Nate said they were very professional, the whole yard was spotless and Jen's siding was put back up.

After all was said and done, they were fast, clean and effective. Our roof looks awesome, they were super thorough with clean up and all of our neighbors have roof envy. Three days of chaos is worth that, right?

Have you had your roof done? What were your experiences?


  1. at least it was all over quickly and not dragged out! :)

  2. I had my roof done shortly after I moved in. It's a 1950s bungalow, and it had three layers of roof that had to be removed. I called three contractors to come and give me bids.

    First guy to show up was from Mr. Roof -- they didn't just put on a roof, they installed a ROOF SYSTEM!!! Well, this was just so flippin' fancy schmancy, I didn't think my little house was worth the extra thousands they wanted - and when the guy coming to give the quote showed up in pristine khakis and a white button down, with clip board in hand, giving me a VHS tape (this was 13 yrs ago) to look at while he walked around and tried to see my roof from the ground -- I thought maybe I would wait for the others to give their quotes.

    Second guy showed up just plain scared the flippin' crap out of me. He looked like he had not bathed in a week, and the Darth Maul t-shirt did not instill a great deal of confidence in me. He was crazy super cheap, and told me he would do the job BY HIMSELF. Um --- no. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Third place was awesome. They came, two guys together, walked all OVER my house and garage roofs, showed me everything that needed fixing (we needed extra ice barrier over our non-heated enclosed porch, new wood where it was squishy, etc) that guy in khakis would have never had clue one about. They did the entire job in just about three days, and everything was pristine clean when they were done.

    Now - 13 years later, my roof still looks awesome, and I'm not paying medical bills and disability for Darth Maul who would have surely fallen off my house and broken his neck.

    Happy New Roof!! It's such an awesome feeling to know that a storm won't carry you away, or snow and ice land on your couch one afternoon!! :-)

    1. Jeeze! That sounds like it was ridiculous! But at least it's held up, so many roofs in Michigan don't get the life out of them that they should. I do completely agree though that there is something wonderful about having this new roof done before those two weeks of rain ripped through here!

  3. Ahh dealing with contractors never seems to be fun!! I'm getting way to much experience, lol. We just had our roof done and looks amazing and I love the color we choose! And yup roof envy is huge, lol :)

    1. You got color?! Jealous. I kept telling Nate we should do something fun with the roof but we had some sections we weren't going to be redoing so we decided not to so everything would match. Thanks for coming by!

  4. Yay--new roof! Sorry things didn't go completely smoothly, but I'm glad the issues you did have were temporary and it worked out in the end :)

  5. Replies
    1. now the pain of paying for it :( But yes, at least it's done! ;)

  6. Oh I remember the pain in the butt of trying to put a new roof on last year, it was either raining or to hot for them to do any work it was only suppose to take 3 days and it ended up taking over a week. Enjoy your new roof!

    1. Oh lordy, I don't know if I could handle all that noise for over a week! You're a saint!

  7. My new roof went ok. I wish they had communicated the progress a little more eg I thought they were done and removed the permit taped to my front door. Turns out I shouldn't have. Their fault. I didn't like the white crap that they slapped around the base of my chimney. Looks like crap. Whatever it is, couldn't they have a least painted it in straight lines? Maybe one day I will have someone paint the chimney. To hide the white stuff and the original owner's initial. A letter that is not in my name at all. :)

    I received 2-3 quotes via email. IIRC they initially used google earth and public records to give a base estimate. I know. I performed my due diligence.

    1. I agree on the communication issue. But they're dudes so it's not totally shocking the communication is lacking. We have some flashing showing too because the house was resided without doing the roof too so when we took all the layers off there was some flashing exposed. That may be what happened up on your chimney. I can't believe there are initials on your chimney!!

    2. My neighbor has their initial on theirs, too. They have K which would have worked for me. :)

  8. I bought my house in August. It's only about 10 years old. My inspector somehow missed that my entire roof sucked. It was stapled on. AND the staples had shot through the shingles and just straight in to the roof. I battled with insurance for ages. Had numerous roofers not answer my emails OR return my phone calls. FINALLY got a guy to come out and do it. It only took a day. They started at 7am. I work nights so I was so tired and going insane from the banging. They weren't done by the time I had to go to work so my mom was nice enough to come over and stay until the end. The next day I'm looking at the roof, all happy it's done. And notice that they didn't alternate the colors of the shingles so I have different patches of color all over. *sigh* Oh well. It's done and one less thing to worry about for now. Maybe one day soon I will have a day where I don't regret buying this house.


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