Thursday, April 4, 2013

Something still isn't right.

Does anyone else have that thing where you're looking at a room, and you know something is wrong but you just can not figure out what it is?

I'm having this problem with the living room.

I think what is going on is too many mixes of styles maybe? Like, the chair, pillows, clock, vine, and fireplace wall go together and the rug, couch, paint and curtains are another?

Something isn't working for me.

We already have plans to work on the coffee table- I am kind of over it the way it is. I think I want another end table maybe?

Part of me even got frustrated and almost painted it white last week just to get a clean vision. Even though white isn't allowed in our house as Seamus tends to rub his ass against the walls.

I think the light gray is too cold. It started out as a warm paint but in this lighting it looks cold. So I think that needs to be fixed ASAP. Just having a hard time figuring out where I want to go with it...

Then, of course, the fan will be getting replaced this year- but it will be staying a fan. We don't have A/C in the house yet so we need to have some kind of air circulation.

I don't know! Do I want white curtains and colored walls? I'm nervous a brighter color on the wall will take away from the clock. I also know we won't be able to handle light colored walls very well. Light colored walls make us itchy.

So help.

Tell me, am I being nit-picky and crazy, or is something not right?


  1. I'm with you, I understand why you're feeling that way, and I'd be willing to bet it's because you're trying to design around your chair.

    I did the same thing with our couch. I kept trying to design around it, instead of figuring out what I wanted for the room as a whole.

  2. I think you have a lot of patterns in that room-- floral chair, striped curtains, chevron pillows & floral pillows, ombre beanstock, and you can see the circle pattern curtains in the other room. Plus 2 wall colors because of the layout.

    Take my opinion with a grain of salt because you know how I fear boldness... but I would recommend a solid print curtain and something on the left side of the window to balance out the clock on the other side. I do think that 2 endtables and a coffee table all painted the same color would help too, maybe whatever color the curtains would be. I like your wall color :)

    1. No, I agree completely. I think the stripes took it completely over the edge. Which is a shame since I hunted for so long for them

  3. I agree - something needs to change. Your house is super cute and charming, but something about the living room is not right.

    I would suggest:
    - Go with a lighter shade of the yellow on the walls (not so light that you twitch, but just enough to brighten up the room.)
    - Get a white ceiling fan when you replace it so you don't notice it so much. - they are an evil necessity, but never attractive, so try to hide it as much as possible. Until you can replace it, just paint the blades white.
    - I know you love them, but the curtains just don't work. :-( I would go with something that has vertical stripes to draw the eye up and make the room look taller, and hang the rods at the ceiling. You probably can't let them go to the floor due to the doggiebeasts, but try to go as long as you can so they don't bunch on the back of the sofa.
    - A pattern like this for the curtains maybe:
    - I would also get a larger shade for the lamp. I love the lamp base, cut the shade seems small to me. But it could be the camera perspective too - hard to tell.
    - I think the coffee table is too heavy for the space - maybe two flat top ottomans that you can push together with a tray on top??

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the house!!! So please don't think I'm dumpin' all over your thang -- just making some suggestions as requested. :-)

    I actually think it's fun to fix things like this!! Then when you are done it's all -- why the heck didn't I do that in the first place??!! LOL

    Enjoy the challenge!! :-)

    1. Haha, No, THANK YOU. Nate didn't really understand when I was saying I think something is wrong, so I'm glad everyone believes me.

      I completely love the idea of a white fan that will just kind of disappear, so that for sure is going to happen.

      I also think the curtains didn't end up working like I wanted them to, so I think they need to go- I do not, however, want to take them up to the ceiling because for some reason that look just bothers me (especially when people leave them all bunched on the floor).

      And, we've been building an ottoman for months, so we're totally on the same page on that.

      Thank you for confirming my angst!

  4. I love your living room. It's way more "done" than mine is. lol. I think the only thing I noticed was the curtains. They look skinny toward the rod then flail out. It just looks... bottom heavy? Maybe bring the curtains up to the ceiling? I don't know. I don't even have curtains over my living room wall. I have broken blinds. :) I do love your space. It's very fun!

  5. Agree with everyone about the curtains...they also look really small. I'd be nervous about drilling into the paneling, but I'd consider it anyway because it will make the windows look WAY larger when you hang solid color curtains "high and wide." I think it'd make the whole room look larger actually. Right now your sofa kinda eats up the room, so hanging the curtains wide would make it fit easier.

    I'd also move your endtable to the other side of the couch. The lamp's large size will balance out the clock nicely. Plus it seems a bit cluttered next to the big (awesome!) chair. I'd get something small or leggy for next to the chair. Maybe even just a garden stool in yellow or white.

    I'm a sucker for white paint too, but I understand the hesitation. Still, those patterns on your walls are KILLER and I think white would look so chic and help your chair and the fireplace be the star. Plus the gray is trying to compete with the rug and wood tones in the room--it's best to stick with tans and whites to keep your "neutrals" in the same family.

    Take my advice with a grain of salt! I love the character of your home and am obviously just living vicariously through you since I rent right now. :) Good luck!

  6. Gray is a tough color to do when your house has warm tones in the floor and trim. Some houses (like my charmless 1978 ranch) just look like rentals with white walls. But if you look at all the photos of “white done right,” the houses always have natural woods and interesting architectural features that they are trying to show off by *not* making the walls a focal point. I think you should embrace that your house has character and not try to add *more* character with color on the walls. I think you could totally do a warm creamy white and that would make your beautiful natural floors and trim and the patterns on the wall pop like crazy. I wouldn’t change anything else until you repaint, because you may find that the “competition” you feel in the colors & patterns goes away when the walls become less of a focal point and more of a backdrop for all your beautiful colors and patterns. I like the curtains and I don’t think the patterns in the room are competing too much. I actually get a really nice “color story” from everything you have (or whatever the hoity toity people call it, haha.) I also agree with the white ceiling fan suggestion and something to balance out the clock on the other side of the window. Good luck!!

  7. I think the coffee/end tables are the wrong style for the room--too heavy and chunky. I love the idea of a big ottoman in the middle and then something smaller/sleeker on the a mid-century kind of feel or else something very simple (you could make it!) with clean lines--more craftsman-y maybe. While I don't think I've ever seen it in real life, people say wonderful things about BM's Revere Pewter...I'm thinking that might be a way to keep the gray tones but warm it up? I can't imagine myself ever painting a room white, so I definitely hear you there. I think maybe I'd do a fun pattern on the ottoman and keep the curtains a dark solid against the light walls. You've got so many great elements in that room....keep tweaking until it feels right to you, and it's going to be AMAZING!

  8. I think I would pick one thing to make cohesive throughout. Whether that's paint, or pattern or something. You have a lot of different paint colors, and a lot of different patterns. If you want to keep all the accent walls and different paint colors, tone down the patterns. But if you want to keep all the different patterns, pick one paint color for all the walls. I don't think it looks as bad as you are making it out to be though. It's your style, and it's what you love. That's all the matters. Yeah?

  9. I think white walls would look a lot better than the gray. There seems to be too many paint colors and with all the sections of the room, it feels off. With solid curtains and a more basic side table in yellow/turquoise would help the room feel put together.

    Hope this helps :)

  10. First, I want to say how much I love old houses...... you just can't find that kind of character in todays houses. So I really love yours :) That said, the first thing I notice in the room is the bright, oversized clock. You need something to balance out the "heavy" on the other side of the window. If you really adore that color, you need to bring in more of it to help balance the room. I only see it in one pillow, and the pattern in the chair. You could add 1 or 2 more pillows in a solid, or maybe a folded throw in that color over the couch? Yes, paint that fan white! Also, the shade on the lamp is too small.
    I would for sure raise the curtains "high and wide" to help make the room look bigger, and to balance out that very tall grapevine. I would hang a solid, textured or subtle pattern only. I happen to love warm oak tones with gray, so the wall color seems fine to me. I just think the room needs a little editing sweetie, and it will be fine :)

  11. About the paint color: Is it possible you just have the wrong gray? We got Behr's Clay Beige on our walls. I don't know if it would work in your room because it's got the barest hint of a greenish cast to it (in some light), but I think it's almost like a white (but isn't white). It looks great (we think, anyway) with our dark cork floors and lots of wood in the furniture. I'm with you on thinking that white isn't the way to go.

    I'm not sure about your curtains (but want to say: I don't get the high and wide thing; never have and likely never will), but am pretty sure that it's your tables that are throwing things off. I think they're too traditional to go with all the fun, funky other things you've got going on.

    But what do I know? We've got these in our house:

    I'm sure you'll figure it all out. The fun is in the process!

  12. Hi there, new to your blog and loving what you do. I'm no designer, just a regular person who spends way too much time reading decorating blogs. Don't you find it's easier to see what your room looks like in a photo than live? I sometimes take pictures of my place just so I can see it more objectively (but would never have the guts to put it on the Internet!).

    I think you have a lot of great elements to your room and really admire how you do things on a small budget and a lot of creativity. So here goes with my thoughts:

    1.I know you don't want the curtains higher, but would you consider wider? I think they are making your windows look small. I would try hanging them outside the window frame before getting new ones.
    2. The furniture arrangement. The pictures aren't showing the whole room, but it feels like the sofa and chair are facing a big opening, which doesn't seem cozy and lacks a focal point. Could your chair be facing the long part of your sectional?
    3. Symmetry/balance. Your beanstalk and clock seem out of scale -- to big for the room. Like one person said, try putting the lamp on the other side to balance out the large clock. I'd also say move the clock lower on the wall to "relate" to the sofa more.You could maybe tone down the colour of the clock a bit with paint or a small stencil on top of the turquoise. It is an awesome clock but I think it is overpowering in your room. Similarly the beanstalk is on a tall dark wall but there is nothing else tall and dark to balance that out -- maybe put a big tree or very large full hanging plant on the wall next to the sofa, behind where the lamp will be if you move it there?
    4. Your yellow-backed TV stand is cool, I want to do something like that myself. There seem to be a lot of smaller items on it which are probably nicely arranged but smaller stuff can tend to look like clutter from a distance. If you have any larger items or can put things in baskets that might help.

  13. Wow, emma you got lots of opinions and ideas! That's awesome. I'm no decorater but I do think the curtains out widervwould look nice. And I'm stillbon the fence about the wall color. Pay no ayyention to me though, I usually just wing it until I like it....

    1. Oh, Michelle, I adore you. I agree the curtains be f'd. butttt We'll see what happens while we redo this room!

  14. First off - LOVE the blog name! Second, you two are awesome, so down to earth and real, but with style. And your home! What a DIYer's dream! So many awesome little details you don't find in new builds, all waiting for your TLC! I've only had about 5 minutes to skim through so far and I'm already a fan. Can't wait to see what you do next!

    ~ Beth (here from Decor & the Dog)

    1. Hi Beth! Thanks for coming by :) We love our big house and we hope you love reading about it. We've already put a lot of work into it and we've been here less than a year!


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