Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Good, Sad, and Wonderful.

 (Before we get started, I believe that the blog world should be a place for all of us to escape, but at the same time, I also believe we need to take a moment and give our love and thoughts to everyone in Boston...thank you)

Today we have another chapter of Foster Dog.

For those who don't know, we took in a foster dog about a month ago and sent him off to a home. Sadly, the initial home for him did not work out. Jack (formerly Artie, formally Tank...) had to go to another home. Luckily, I had a second home in place for him.

Jack is a sad victim of impatient neighbors and a strict home owners association. The neighbors were not willing to wait the needed time for him to get adjusted in the home and threatened legal actions from violating "noise ordinances".

There is no one to blame in him having to be re-homed again, it just wasn't a good fit in their community.

Luckily, my other close friend, Robyn, had a major crush on him from the first time I posted his picture on Facebook and she took him in with open arms.

Jack now has a wonderful home with a patient new mom, a wonderful playmate (actually named Tank! Which is why he could go back to his original name, and he wasn't responding to Artie) a big yard and tons of toys.

He also is enjoying the non-crate life. Through talks with Sarah (my friend who took him originally) Robyn and myself, we decided that Jack probably had crate anxiety which was making him bark/violate those stinky noise ordinances. While I do strongly recommend crate training dogs so traveling and being alone can be easier/safer, in some cases, the dog is just too old and too scared to be able to handle it (especially if they've never been in a crate before).

Plus, he has Tank to keep him company. And no dog likes to be alone :) Especially since we know that Jack's original home had multiple dogs and he hung out with our terrors terriers. Some dudes just need a friend.

Robyn tells me his favorite hobbies at his new home are running in his yard full speed into the kitchen so he can slide on the tile (what a dork!) and playing with his toys. He also is still a giant snuggle machine, and his super intelligence gets him into some mischeif. Robyn said one day she came home and he'd opened the drawers in the kitchen and taken the tupperware out! He didn't eat it, he just wanted to take it out.

He also lost a ball on the countertop (they're working on the counter thing...)

Robyn finds him hysterical, his doggy brother loves him, and he is doing well on his training. Robyn likes to run marathons so Jack is even training to run with her- she says he keeps pace wonderfully!

I am so thrilled that he has landed in his forever home. I am still sad for Alex and Sarah that they had to make a hard decision, but as we've mentioned before, sometimes the best and hardest thing can be making the decision that is best for an animal.

I think he's hella happy where he is, and I'll be going to visit him soon!

In other doggie play date news, we found a dog we are 90% sure is Seamus' brother! The timelines match up perfectly and the pictures are so obvious. The family was considering rehoming him so we almost jumped them trying to get this dog for Brenna, but they are going to keep him awhile longer, so we are trying to get a play date set up. For comparison, the one on the left is Seamus and the one on the right is his brother, Moe.

Hopefully we'll see him soon and see how the bros interact!

How are all your guys' babies doing lately?


  1. Yay! I am so glad everything has worked out for Jack :) Jarvis is kicking it in traditional Jarvis style. We are preparing to run our first 5k together so that is exciting :)

    1. Oh, congratulations! That sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. What a happy ending for Jack! I'm sure that was so hard for Alex and Sarah, but I admire them for putting the dog first even when it hurt their hearts. Thanks for sharing - I love the dog updates as much as the DIY ones!!

    1. Oh good! Then I won't feel so guilty ;)

  3. Sounds like Jack ended up right where he was supposed to be- glad you had another home for him!!

  4. OMG, as a dog lover, my heart was breaking for poor Jack as I read your update, and then the happy news!! I'm so glad you had a backup home for him........... he sounds like a great dog with loads of personality :) I too, love all the doggy updates as well as the DIY!

    1. Then I hope you follow us on facebook or instagram for the daily mutt-shots!

  5. Jack is a lucky dude, lots of loving people in his life to make sure he gets his awesome forever home. I love that he has a bro! WTG!

  6. I'm glad things are working out for him. He's had a rough life for sure. Glad he's landed on his feet :)

  7. So glad he's landed in a great home :)


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