Friday, May 3, 2013

A Pin that I Pinned that I Did: Salad Jars

I'm sure by now you've all seen salad jars- a.) because they're genius and b.) because they're genius.

I was drawn to them because a.) I'm really not supposed to be eating gluten with my PCOS and b.) I'm so bad at packing lunches that I usually order Jimmy Johns, wasting money and going against point A (because I ain't orderin' an unwich.)

So I thought I'd give these a go in hopes of saving us some money and making us eat better. We really have no excuse not to eat well when one literally just has to grab a jar out of the fridge and go to work.

These are how salad jars work.

There are different combos all over Pinterest and I thought I'd give some a try.

First, I soaked all my veggies in a water/vinegar/salt mixture to clean them and draw any yuckies out from hiding. And yes, we've lived in the house almost a year and still haven't found the correct size sink plug so I rock the tupperware container when I need to soak something.

While that was soaking, I browned some chicken, and cleaned off my counters. Then the millions of chops ensued.

I was really careful to dry everything off- it sounded like a mold motel to me if I put damp produce into a sealed jar. Next time I do this I'll probably wash my veggies the day before just to give them extra time to dry.

As for stuffing the jars it as fairly easy. I opted not to put dressing in the bottom of our jars as I felt like they'd last longer without it. I poured our favorite dressings into 1 oz containers from our local party store (cough- jello shot containers- cough) for an easy dressing option.

Then basically, mushy liquidy stuff goes on the bottom, and then you just have to have a hearty veggie like carrots in between that and the lettuce so the lettuce won't wilt and turn to dressing goop.

I managed to make 8 (although it would have been 10 if Brenna hadn't seen me making these awesome salads and come in and steal a huge handful to make herself one for dinner) of 3 different varieties (the last two were kind of throwing the rest of the stuff I chopped up into a jar) in one night- so hopefully for the three of us it will get us through the rest of the week.

Right now, my verdict on these is that if they don't get eaten I'm not going to do it again. I can always use the jars (which I got at Wal-Mart, make sure you get the wide mouthed) for leftovers or something and it was honestly a whole nights worth of time between washing, chopping, prepping and stuffing. This is certainly not a ten minute task unless you happen to have stuff chopped up from leftovers (like if you made tacos one night or something)

However, they look good, and we're two days into it and 6 of the 8 are already gone!

 I'll let you guys know how they fare if they last past tonight!


  1. I've been wondering if these actually work and stay nice- and also, I've yet to find a container that doesn't leak my damn dressing all over my lunchbox. I'll have to give the jello shot ones a try!

    1. So far the jello shots have been a success!

  2. Yum!! Love salads but hate all the work. Now you went and made me all hungry with this post! And ohhhh they look so pretty all layered up in the jars too.

  3. interesting! I actually haven't seen these before. Dave would love these for work lunches I'll bet.

  4. do you eat right out of the jars? is it more dificult than say a bowl or plate? You'll have to use a full size (or long) fork to get it all.

    1. I pour it out into a pasta bowl so that all the good stuff is on top and since I have a desk job I can have a big bowl next to me throughout the lunch hours. Nate has been pouring his dressing in and shaking them up like a Salad Shaker and he enjoys it that way too. I think it's personal preference!

  5. I use a chopper from bed bath and beyond its like 10-15 bucks so worth it and makes the chopping process much easier


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