Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIW: Jillian's Potting Sink

Do it yourself, and do it right, then you can write! Today's DIW comes from Jillian in Michigan!

After seeing thousands of potting sinks on Pinterest, Jillian yearned for one. (That's right. I said yearned). Then, when she struck gold and found a farmers sink on Craigslist for $40, she knew Memorial Day weekend was the perfect opportunity to create her own.

First, she supplied beer.

Then, the guys began to construct the base for the sink out of decking material.

Then, the made a shelf on the bottom, and added a back out of fence posts.

When they flipped her up, they added a shelf for misc. supplies. and moved her into place.

They didn't attach plumbing to the sink, but think it'll be fine when they use the hose in it for now.

And here ya go! Jillian's sink!

How stinking cute is that! Now I might have to make one...

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  1. that is really freaking cute- I love the fence posts too!

  2. I JUST saw one of those sinks on Craigslist this week!!! I love those!! My dear husband, however, stuck his nose up at it for our kitchen :-( so I'm back to looking for your basic boring sink.

    Great project - so cute!!!!

    Just be careful with what you decide to do with the "plumbing" outside - most cities have pretty strict codes about such things. It would be horrible to put something together, only to have someone come by and wag a finger at you and hand you a code violation fine. ;-)

  3. That is VERY stinkin' cute! Now I want one!

  4. I have been wanting to have a potter's bench forever...(I have an old, heavy as anything banquet table rotting in the yard as my bench).....this is a great idea. Thanks and it's lovely.

  5. It turned out so cute! And what a buy on the sink........ $40. I never find deals like that............. but glad that she did :)

    1. The craigslist around here is REALLY good. I get a lot of stuff for dirt cheap on there. Guess we're lucky!

  6. ooh, that looks great! now I want one, too!


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