Monday, May 20, 2013

Free? I LOVE Free!

Good Morning!

We had a very fruitful discovery the other day that I'm excited to share with you.


I know, I know, it doesn't look like much, but if you remember on our someday nursery list, we put that we would love to have a french door on the room but they're so expensive it would definitely be a "if we can swing it" type thing.

Then, the other day, while driving through our neighborhood, this guy was in someone's trash pile! I immediately pulled over and was amazed that every pane of glass is still intact. So as it was only 2 blocks away from home, Nate jumped out of the car, slung it over his shoulder and carried it home!

We need to measure it and see if it will fit on the nursery door frame- if it does, I'll be hanging out with my ol' friend Zip Strip and get to the hardwood hiding under that paint (the thing weighs 1000lbs, I'd be shocked if it wasn't oak or something). If it doesn't fit on the nursery, our other ideas are to put it on the kitchen door frame (as there used to be a door there and there isn't anymore/there is no spare doors to be found) since we'd love to actually be able to block the dogs off somewhere on the main floor (the main floor has no doors except the bathroom). And if that doesn't work, then we'll probably turn it into some cool garden piece or something.

One does not simply leave a french door on the side of the road.

In other news, remember how my begonias started out like this?

Look at them this morning!

That's what I like to see!

The begonias, hydrangeas and lilac bush are doing really well. For some reason though my impatiens are not growing as quick as I'd like them to. My neighbor did mention an "impatiens disease" that she heard someone talking about at Home Depot, so I may have to do some research and see what's going on.

If I can't find anything revealing- those bad boys are getting miracle grown because I want BIG IMPATIENTS.

How was everyone's weekend?


  1. I didn't get impatients this year because I heard they were diseased-- some problem with the seeds. Even the ones I got late last season suck and barely came back at all this year :(.

    But your hanging flowers look awesome!!

  2. I live in the Detroit area, there is a problem called Downy Mildew that affected impatiens last year and they expect it to be a problem for 5 years. The garden stores are not selling them at all.....and while you can get them in places, they are not expected to thrive like they are known to do. They suggest you plant coleus or begonias instead. Also, is the spot you planted them shady or sunny? That will make a difference, impatiens like shady more.

    1. Yeah, of course I learned about it after I bought mine- there were no signs anywhere (though now at the same store there are) saying basically to plant at your own risk. We'll see how they do and if I need to rip them up, I will- plus- this chick is allergic to mold, so if those spores come after me I'll run those damn things over with my lawnmower.

      Right now they're in partial sun because the trees are still growing in, but once the trees are in they'll be in full shade.

  3. whoo hoo! free door! excited to hear whether it fits in the nursery doorway or not

  4. Love the door and love that it was free!! Can't wait to see what u do with it!

  5. That door is INCREDIBLE. I can't believe you found that treasure. It's so perfect.


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