Monday, May 13, 2013

Frost Giants

Hi Everyone!

I hope you guys had a great weekend and enjoyed your Mother's Day. Our weekend was filled with apartment hunting for Brenna, but we did have to go into emergency action when we checked the weather and there was the evil report that last night's low was going to be 32 and frost.

Oh no!

Did I not just spend a freak amount of time planting flowers in my garden?

I called my expert mom and she said that if we went out front and put bags and tarps over everything that that would protect them overnight. It wasn't so much the cold that was going to be a problem as if the frost weighed down the plants (and froze them to death. Ain't nobody like to be frozen)

So, our garden went from having beautiful hygrandea bushes...

To garbage bags...

A sassy lilac bush and moss roses...

To garbage bags...

And our beautiful impatient patch...

To a painter's tarp...

All I have to say is...

Once the sun comes up a bit more we will go off and take all the plastic off- it acts like kind of a mini-greenhouse and keeps you about 5 degrees warmer. The plastic needs to come off before it gets too warm or else everyone will fry. I must say, flowers are fickle things. 

What did you guys do over the weekend?


  1. I was going to plant flowers this week-end but it was so stinking cold. Glad I held off. Hope everything made it through the night okay!!

  2. We were out throwing painting tarps and pillow cases over everything last night too. So glad we did that, it got pretty cold last night! A friend of mine said on FB this morning: "On my drive to work this morning one of the communities I passed forgot to shut off their sprinklers last night. The gardens looked like frozen Narnia!" LOL!!!! And uh, way to possibly really ruin your sprinkler system too.

    Hope all your pretties survived!! I LOVE hydrangeas, I want to add some to our front yard this year.

  3. Come on Spring! Glad you realized the temperature was going to drop ahead of time at least!

  4. ugh we're getting frost tonight! time to plastic bag my basil...

  5. Ugh! We had a random dip below freezing earlier this month. What's the deal? Fortunately (or probably more accurately unfortunately), we didn't have to protect any flowers. Hope the freeze passed quickly, and the flowers survived!

  6. We've been having the opposite problem (western Oregon). Had a little mini-heatwave last week (temps in 80s most of the week), which fried the lilacs. Not really complaining...but kinda sucked that the lilacs last about 5 days, tops. And nothing I could do about it. :-(

    Hope you warm up soon!

  7. It was in the 40s even here last night! I am not going to complain because I know I'll miss it desperately in a few weeks. And also because I didn't have to rescue any plants ;)

  8. We did some planting as well, but at 100º. Believe it or not, we're not covering our plants at night here in Phoenix. I'm not missing Michigan weather now, but I will be in another month or so.

  9. I didn't get to cover my flower, they look like they survived but then again I have a crazy dog that just runs them over anyways. I went to Florida, the first three days I was there is rained at was a high of like 65° but it was like 80° here in Michigan. By the time I get home, its 80° in Florida and like high of 50° here with the possibility of a rain/winter mix.

  10. Aaaahahaha - I love Patrick :)

    DC was definitely strange weather this weekend, no frost but lots of teasing. Starting out warm (head out of house in T-shirt and jeans) then the wind starts up and its super cold. Insert sun shower and then go to hot and humid again. You can't win!

  11. Sorry about the frost. But this post made me laugh lots.


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