Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our humble juggling act

There are some weeks that I feel like we are so busy we don't see each other.

And, as much as that sucks for us, there are moments when the juggling act is totally worth it.

Nate and I really are best friends- we don't enjoy time apart (call us weird). Yes, we do enjoy girls/guys nights, and we're not together 24/7, but our time together is really special.

We both work full time, and along with my side projects (jewelry, blogging, DIYing, etc...) Nate is also going to night school. We hate the days that he is at school because he leaves for work at 5 in the morning and does not get home until 10 at night. That is a long time for me to miss him.

He just finished up the Spring semester and has decided to take the summer off so he can de-stress a bit before hitting the books again in the fall. And, when I went to check his grades (Nate's a hands on kind of guy, I'm the computer person so I check stuff like this for him) I was estatic to find that my dear hubby got a 4.0 this semester!!!

I had to take a moment to brag for my wonderful husband.

Love you, Nate! Congratulations!!!


  1. So sweet!!! What an awesome accomplishment!! Congrats Nate!!! (even though you don't know me!!)

  2. Nice. I've been there Nate. It's not an easy road to juggle everything and still do well. All you have to do is give up on sleep right?


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