Thursday, May 23, 2013

The B Hive

Sorry we've been quiet- we've been shopping till we drop for Brenna's apartment (which I'm dubbing the B Hive- haven't asked her yet so I hope she approves) and prepping for the wedding we've been looking forward for two years (Nate's cousin! SATURDAY! YAY!).

Brenna has a very different style than Nate and I. I'm hoping you guys will enjoy seeing a different style- Nate and I love bold graphics and colors, Brenna is what we call "Young Victorian" or "Sassy Steampunk" or something like that. Brenna loves delicate patterns, black and white, pops of color and anything antique.

What's also interesting is Brenna loves my paint colors, so you'll get to see how to use them in a totally different way.

Brenna's apartment is the front half of a federal style house about 3 miles from Big Blue (and built very similarly in time) The landlord has done a great job keeping the original woodwork intact and adding cute features (like shelves over radiators and french doors on her bedroom). She'll be getting a 600sqft 1 bed 1 bath unit, and we've been given that landlord's blessing for her to paint as long as she protects the woodwork (can you believe they insinuated the BAH team would hurt woodwork?! The shame!) So we'll be going in next week and getting rid of the current mauve and puce colored walls to make a cool monotone unit with splashes of green. 

May I present our progress on the B Hive.

I'm very excited to get working on it. We spent Saturday at Ikea getting linens and decorating stuff (like the mirror which is pure Brenna) and we're hoping to get a key to the unit this weekend. We also already have about 1000 pieces of furniture we need to strip, stain, or paint.

We totally scored a Queen Anne dining table for $15. It's really beat up, but painted the awesome seal color it will be fresh and modern while still having those traditional lines. I'm telling ya- sassy steampunk.

We also got 4 chairs for it that put our total at $65. We scored this at a local store called Bungalow 47 when they had their furniture blow out sale- it was essentially like the hoard sale, but in Michigan, so I got to go! hahaha.

We're super excited to get started and to get some good before pictures for you guys- it is going to be adorable and it's so very Brenna we're hoping she'll be there for awhile (to make all this work worth it).

What has everyone else been up to? What's shakin' bacon?

Oh, and here's a Brenna moment for you... we were at IKEA on saturday, and I told her we had to take a horrific selfie for the instagram so you Brokies could see, and she said, "You call them brokies?" and I was like "uh yeah, because they're my broke groupies." and She replied, "Can we call them asshats? I feel like it matches your satirical personality better..."

So what do you guys think? Brokies, or Asshats (I literally burst out laughing typing that...oh god.)

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  1. How fun!!!! Brenna has my style!!! Can't wait to see how it all comes together - so far the idea board, and especially that color pallet, is making me drool!!!

    This is what we have been up to -- pretty crazy!!

    1. Woo! Girl- you got your work cut out for you. I'm excited to see what you do with it though!

  2. Looks great! Can't wait to see what you guys do with it. But I thought Brenna was going to stay a while? It seems like she has hardly been there??!!

    1. ha! Doesn't it? She's actually been with us for about 6 weeks. We didn't announce it to bloggy world until we were sure she was going to stay in the area.

  3. I read your post this morning then just stumbled across this on Desire to Inspire and thought Brenna would die. It seems so her style!

  4. oh I love that mirror, I almost got it for myself the last time I was at Ikea!! Can't wait to see the table all sealed and awesome :)

  5. whoo hoo....we get to watch two places get decorated for the price of one ;)

  6. Her apartment is going to be stellar. I'm pretty excited to see it!

  7. Her place sounds awesome, and what a great deal on that table. Can't wait to see what you two do.
    Kinda like the idea of being a groupie, no matter what you call me. :-)


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