Thursday, May 2, 2013

Upholstering a Headboard

We mentioned in this post about how we are transferring the current junk room into a kids room that can be transfered into a nursery someday. At the end of the day it means that all projects need to be affordable, cute and multi-functional.

We decided to tackle the bed situation next.

We already owned a twin IKEA bed frame from Brenna's room in our old townhouse, and my MIL was nice enough to give us a mattress for it. The bedding, however, was...uh....not twin sized. So not working for me anymore.

I went off in search of affordable bedding and remembered that I had purchased my adorbs college bedding from a teen store called Delia's. Delia's is apparently not going to be selling room wares anymore so they had everything marked down to ridiculous prices. How ridiculous? I bought sheets, a twin comforter, an extra set of pillow cases and a bed skirt (with coupon) for $35. Oh, and I didn't pay shipping. YESSSS.

Since we've known what we are going to wallpaper the room with, we realized that our old shower curtains also matched the yellow birds.

The bathroom when we moved in. 
And I thought, why not turn that into a headboard?

To turn this into a headboard, we first measured and cut a piece of plywood to the size that we wanted.

Then, we loosely stapled a twin sized quilt batting (folded hamburger style) around the wood. You don't need to secure it an insane amount, just enough to protect whatever you're working on.

After the batting was on, we attached some hanging d-rings to the back of the board.

I thoroughly ironed the shower curtain. If you do not iron what you upholster you will have that crease staring at you and burning your soul the entire time it's in your house.

I laid it out, and cut it about 3 inches overhang on each side of the plywood. I did this much so that I could cut it at spots in the lattice print. The print made it fairly easy to make sure I upholstered straight (always staple on the point, etc.) if your fabric doesn't have a print, then you don't need to cut so much extra.

Then I wrapped it around and stapled it into place using my staple gun (I think it was like $4 at the local Ace). Once you're done, make sure to trim your extra or it will be hard to get it on the wall.

Trick for upholstering corners: Cut the excess fabric off by taking out a square in the corner. then wrap it like a present. 

Et Voila! All done and ready to go up. (And look how cute!)

We hung some picture hangers on the wall using our trusty tape method and she latched right into place!

Ugh- please excuse grainy pictures in this room- no light=sloppy pictures.

Then we made the bed and enjoyed the rest of our night. This project took less than an hour!

As for how this is transferable to the nursery? Once we no longer need it as a headboard, we can attach ribbons to it to turn it into a memo board! I might have gone through a memo board making phase in high school where I made about 4000 of them. It was probably the most my dad ever has gone to hardware stores. We'll get to that tutorial someday!

Do you guys upholster your own headboards or do you go out and purchase them?


  1. Very nice! That shower curtain looks like it was meant to be a headboard :)

  2. that fabric is right up my alley, I'm glad you got to bust it out in another room! :)

  3. Shower curtains have become my crack....just enough fabric for projects and funky funky funky patterns to play with! I make curtains, recover chairs, name it. Never thought of a headboard though...go you guys! Looks great!

  4. Turned out well! I love the thought of using shower curtains for project-fabric. Good job!

  5. I like this! Great idea to use the shower curtain!

  6. Such a great idea to use the shower curtain as fabric and probably WAY cheaper than buying just fabric too. I am planning on making a headboard for our Master bedroom (hopefully soon but we'll see) and I'm going to start looking for a shower curtain now instead of fabric. This is GENIUS! Thanks for sharing :).


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