Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dude, where have you been?

Yeah, I suck. But, I'm not sorry... We have officially been in the house a year and last summer, Nate and I were in such a high gear panic to get things working/homey that we basically missed the whole summer.

In Michigan, you HAVE to have summer so you can survive the winter. Seriously, our 2-3 months of sunshine is the only thing that will get you to live here. It's totally a trap, because Michigan summers are so nice that when there's five feet of snow on the ground and you haven't left your house in three days you can say, "but oh, wasn't the state park so nice this summer?"

So, we've been acting very...lazy and summery over here. Which feels really odd- I do feel bad that the most I've done for the house is keep food in the house (sometimes...) and toilet paper in the bathroom. Oh wait. I did finally split the shower curtains in the living room so we can open them like real curtains (watch out, we got a badass over here).

We've been taking day trips to the lake, the dogs for walks through the river trails, having BBQs with Brenna and Nate's mom, going camping, and laying mostly naked in front of our window air conditioner (You can get that HVAC certification whenever you're ready Nate...)

We decided our big project for the summer is to enjoy our summer together. We realized that while we've been married for 3 years, we haven't actually done that much together. We've maybe spent a few weeks outside of our house in the three years and we were almost never alone (crashing with family, camping with family, you know....never alone) so we want to be gross married people that go off and do stuff together this summer.

Nate loves Michigan. I love sunshine. This is really the only few months that neither of us are miserable. I get sad when the sun dies, Nate gets sad when he's trapped in the house. We're so compatible.

Now, don't get me wrong, stuff is still gunna be happening around here (oh boy, are things gunna be happening) but right now, my focus is on sticking my fat ass in a bathing suit and eating brats and floating on an innertube down a river (P:S did you know that "tubing" in Michigan is literally when you just float down a river in a tube? In Chicago, tubing was like...power tubing, where you stick the innertube to a speed boat. Nate and I had some major confusion the first time he told me we were going tubing)

If you start missing us because we aren't posting a lot, make sure to check us out on facebook and instagram (@ourbrokeasshome) because we'll still be posting there. Besides, everyone needs some scruffybutts in their life and S, B & T are often stars on the instagrams.

What are you guys hoping to get done this summer that isn't working on your house? Do you have a summer bucket list?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What a difference a year makes...

We closed on our house a year ago this week!

Where the hell did that time go?

We were all excited to close- giddy in fact. We had our friend Amanda come take pictures for us to celebrate closing and the picture has always been the go-to picture for the blog. I'm sure you know the one I'm talking about...

I've always loved this picture. But I guess I didn't realize how dreary our house looked until we got our new pictures taken yesterday.

I'd say this past year has made quite the difference, wouldn't you?

Thanks for hanging out with us this past year!

Oh, and because I'm so amazed- check the side by side.

Monday, June 17, 2013

That's a Bad Emma.

Remember last Halloween how I totally decked out the sofa on our front porch? For those who don't feel like clicking back, it looked something like this:

Super cute right? Well, I am a bad blogger.

It's what, middle of June and I haven't done shit to my front porch? Bad Emma!

We had a bought of beautiful weather on Sunday so I went out front to assess the damage from a porch that hasn't been touched in 8 months.

Yuck. Seriously?

It had tree sperm, dirt, random crap Brenna left on the front porch when she moved and uhh...more dirt.

Nasty. Not to mention we took all the pillows off the couch when the weather turned.

So I lugged everything in, gave the porch a good sweeping (which will have to do until we can rent the power washer...) and using fabric from my stash, made new pillows for the couch. I used the three seam pillows tutorial shown here.

I liked the way this fabric has the orange in my begonias and the blues of the house. I used plain blue fabric for the large cushions.

Also, if I was a good blogger I would have ironed them. But...they're for outside and ain't nobody got time for that.

I moved the couch from in front of the window to the far sill and it makes the front porch look HUGE. We always had the couch away from the sill to keep it dry during hard rains, but I wanted something new.

But, this also made it painfully obvious that we should have another chair to even everything out. Since I don't have another chair (well, for the front...once we build the porch swing, this bench will go out back as it matches the furniture back there) I had Nate lug the pot of flowers my mom and I made for the door over to the little nook.

I had an extra outdoor rug from World Market laying around that I put down- it's not perfect, as it's more teal than the blues that are out there, but it will certainly do for now. Our mission was to make it more pleasant without spending money.

Much better.

What did you guys get done this weekend?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Family Pictures

It's that time of year again! I can't believe we have been in our house for a year already ( week). To celebrate, we are getting our pictures taken this weekend by my friend Amanda at Amanda Lafay Photography (who is apparently really bad at updating her facebook page)

She's been a friend of ours for years and is getting her degree in photography so she takes pictures of us and slaps them all over her portfolio- it's pretty win, win for everyone involved.

She took family pictures for us for the first time in 2011, when I had mahogany streaks in my hair and Seamus was just a baby.

She even took a picture of us right after we closed on Big Blue.

Then again last year at Christmas she took our DIY-A-La-Lumberjack pictures.

I'm super excited to do our picture this year. Hopefully my impatiens will be nice and perky for some great outside pictures.

I do think that some people totally overthink family pictures though...seriously, just pinterest "family picture outfits" and thousands of mood boards show up.

How do you guys choose what to do for family pictures? Do you coordinate or let everyone wear their favorite outfit? Do you include your pets? What are your hints!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Google is Dead

I'm sure you've all heard by now that google reader is dying as of July 1. Please take a moment to follow me on bloglovin' so you stay up to date on all our crazy hyginx.

Which are coming.

I promise.

The sun is just out and it's really hard for me to bring my Michigan self to stay inside and work on projects.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Finish the Furnishings

It appears as though I'm going to have many hours of furniture refinishing ahead of me. If you remember, I posted how Nate and I are prepping for the baby that hasn't happened yet. If we can't get pregnant- we fully plan to adopt- so we don't understand leaving good deals behind when there will be A BABY in this house eventually.

A few months ago, we scored the little dresser for $40 and the rocking chair for $15.

We also scored a little rocking footrest for the rocker at Home Goods for $20.

This weekend, we had another awesome find. I don't have a picture of my version as it's still in my trunk, but we scored a Jenny Lind crib for $20 at a Habitat for Humanity store! It was tucked behind a bunch of ironing boards. Someone was obviously hiding it to come back for it, someone obviously didn't know I'm a digger. Now, we weren't looking for a crib as that feels like the one piece that is super weird to get when there's actually no baby, but at the same time, if we budgeted $200 for one, why pass one up when you see it for $20?


Ours is older than these new ones but we measured the spacing and it is still up to code. We are not going to install the drop mechanism and bolt the sides in place to make it up to modern standards. It will also be getting an awesome paint job.

Then of course, while we were laying on the couch last night, prowling Craigslist thinking, "we have everything else, I wonder if we could find a Jenny Lind changing table on here" we found this awesome Jenny Lind inspired dresser with changing table on top for $50!

We have an appointment on Wednesday to go look at it, but I love the idea of actually having drawers to hold all stuff (especially since we don't have a linen closet- having a place to store extra crib sheets and stockpiles of socks is a good thing) then, when they get older, it just turns into a dresser instead of another piece of furniture in the basement.

I'm loving all these Jenny Lind spindles and am actually oddly excited to get in there with my paintbrush and start customizing these pieces!

If we get the above dresser on Wednesday, we will have furnished the whole nursery for under $140. Not too shabby if I do say so myself as it's less than the cost of us getting the one brand new crib. 

What did you guys score this weekend?

Friday, June 7, 2013

When I moved to Michigan...

I got my drivers license 7 years ago yesterday. Want to know how I remember that? I had just gotten my license, giddily hopped in my mom's car and was talking about my plans for the weekend. We pulled out of the DMV and my mom's cell phone rang saying that her 1st Grandchild was about to be born in Michigan.

I was immediately told to pull over, my mom basically threw me out of the car in our driveway in Chicago and she drove to Michigan.

I did not get to drive that weekend.

Then, I ended up moving to Michigan a little over 4 years ago. Which is crazy to me that it's been that long.

I originally moved up here to help my sister watch her kids while she finished up college. (She and I did life very similar- get married young, then figure life) I was really only planning on being here a week, but then because I had no reason to go home...I just...didn't? Then of course a few months later I met Nate and the rest is history.

Today is my niece's 7th birthday. I feel like time goes by SO fast. Especially since when I first moved up here, I was determined to have my life together before my parents came up for her third birthday. She looked like this when I first moved up.

She's my little awkward baby.

I spent all day every day with my nieces before my Brother-in-law got a job that didn't require me to play nanny. I am very much looking forward to spending some serious birthday time with her since her and I have a really close friendship built from hours circling Target getting her little sister to sleep. (She likes to shop, what can I say?) Especially since I feel like she was just having her spongebob birthday party.

This is also the girl that got Uncle Nate to dress up like a Prince for her 4th Princess Party.

And now, it's even more crazy since she looks like this...

And yes, orange is totally her favorite color.

Happy Birthday, Boo! I love your crazy face lots!

Are you guys close with little ones in your family or do they live too far away to be besties with?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The B Hive: All Moved In

Today I ran over to Brenna's new apartment to grab you guys some pictures- I felt it was needed especially after some of you began to rebel from me not having pictures on Monday.

I took pictures for you with you all having to remember that she's lived in the apartment for three days so you have to humor her!

As a reminder- this is what the unit looked like on Friday:

We have a lot of plans (and a second coat of paint to do in some places...) to finish redoing the coffee table and to give her dining set a coat of paint and some new upholstery. There's also things to do like actually hanging art where we want it and not just on nails that happened to be in the wall to get it off the floor.

When you first walk in Brenna's apartment there is a mudroom and an additional door. Then, through the second door is her living room. Which, as of now, looks a little something like this:

We got a lot of accessories for this room at IKEA and from Brenna's personal collection (the girl has a mild obsession with steampunk and victorian clutter- oh sorry, decorative items. (I tease- I have a problem with owls, she has a problem with phones and high wheels, no problem in that).

If you go through the kitchen door, on one side there's a cluster of additional cabinets, a pantry, and the fridge. On the other side is the stove, sink area and we put her table and chairs in there for an eat in kitchen.

The table and chairs will be getting a coat of Seal by Martha stewart and antique white. We did not paint the kitchen or cabinets.

Our favorite thing from the kitchen is this little doodad we got from IKEA. We may eventually plant herbs in there, but right now to conserve drawer space, we're using it for her silverware.

And again, it has subtle Brenna touches.

Back in the living room, we have the couch floating to allow B to store her random stuff while she's unpacking. We'll eventually put a little office back there.

One of my favorite vignettes we put up has to be on the entertainment center. The mirror is from IKEA and is so insanely Brenna it isn't even funny.

Then we face the bedroom which is through the french doors. To add a little sass, we painted the back wall a bright green.

Inside the bedroom, you'll usually find a Perry.

He really wanted to help show off his favorite room.

And for more of the bedroom... and yes, I did fluff the bed for this, but there was a terrier on the loose in there.

We got the birdcage for $9 at IKEA, but the bird was chartreuse so we gave it a quick spray of white. She also has a little dresser in  there, but it was covered in crap- so maybe I'll show you that another day.

Attached to Brenna's bedroom is her bathroom, but we didn't make any changes in there.

She's also lucky enough to have a big wrap around porch just to herself.

And there ya have it! That's what we've gotten done at the B Hive so far! It's been a lot of work so we're taking a break from making improvements to simply let her and Perry get used to living there.

Woo! Go Team! What do you guys think so far?

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Timeline of Being a Best Friend.

We officially have Brenna in her apartment and she has been sleeping there for two nights.

My house is very quiet.

However, this did not come without a lot of time and effort. Brenna's lived on her own before but it was in college with 4 other girls. This is the first time where she really has to have everything by herself. This involved a lot of, "holy shit, I don't have a colander- how do I make pasta without a colander" or, "ugghhhh I need handsoap..." trips to target and the dollar store.

But here's where the weekend went.

 I worked my usual shift, and was supposed to go to a baby shower in Chicago. However, when I saw this I decided to stay home.

I called my friend and say I have to miss the party. Spend the rest of the evening angrily cleaning my house until Brenna got off work at 8.

Went over to the B Hive at 8 and began the overhaul.

I forgot to wear gloves while I KILZed again. I got polka dotted.

After the kilz dried a bit (and a lot of Diet Coke was consumed) we began putting color up.

We used Nimbus Cloud by Martha in the living room, and Opal by Martha in the bedroom with one accent wall of Japanese Fern (so you could see a little bit of color through the french doors)

I finally crawled into bed at about 3:30a.m.

When we woke up it was officially crunch time. After a quick round of weeding and watering the front lawn (because that storm had yet to show it's face) we started getting all of Brenna's stuff together.

I continued to angrily clean and organize.

When Brenna got off work, we met her at her apartment just as her parents were arriving with the uhaul from Ohio.

Then the chaos ensued as everything was unloaded and crammed into the apartment. Don't you just hate how everything looks much smaller when it's unorganized?

Then her parents met Perry.

Yep. I'm the crazy friend who let Brenna get a dog while she was living with me. And of course, she didn't want to tell her parents until they could meet him. If you follow us on Instagram you've seen a couple sneak peeks of him, but I wasn't officially allowed to reveal him until he was formally introduced.

World, meet Perry. This is him pre-haircut.

He's kind of disgustingly adorable and sweet. He should come with a warning label that he may cause naps.

After dinner with Brenna's parents, we nested a little bit, then collapsed into bed at about 11.

On Sunday, Nate and I enjoyed our first morning in 9 weeks alone. We watched crappy movies, made a giant breakfast and gasp. took a freaking nap.

Then around 7 we went to Brenna's house to help her get some stuff back together.

Since we napped all day yesterday, we do not have a full reveal of the apartment- that will be coming later this week. In the mean time, enjoy this picture of Perry on him and Brenna's new bed.

We got home at midnight and went straight to bed.

How was your guys' weekend?