Friday, June 14, 2013

Family Pictures

It's that time of year again! I can't believe we have been in our house for a year already ( week). To celebrate, we are getting our pictures taken this weekend by my friend Amanda at Amanda Lafay Photography (who is apparently really bad at updating her facebook page)

She's been a friend of ours for years and is getting her degree in photography so she takes pictures of us and slaps them all over her portfolio- it's pretty win, win for everyone involved.

She took family pictures for us for the first time in 2011, when I had mahogany streaks in my hair and Seamus was just a baby.

She even took a picture of us right after we closed on Big Blue.

Then again last year at Christmas she took our DIY-A-La-Lumberjack pictures.

I'm super excited to do our picture this year. Hopefully my impatiens will be nice and perky for some great outside pictures.

I do think that some people totally overthink family pictures though...seriously, just pinterest "family picture outfits" and thousands of mood boards show up.

How do you guys choose what to do for family pictures? Do you coordinate or let everyone wear their favorite outfit? Do you include your pets? What are your hints!


  1. ha! this post plus one from another blog on family photo wardrobe planning showed up on my feed back to back! it's on everyone's mind, it seems. can't wait to see your newest family pic. We've never done a formal, get everyone together on purpose with planned outfits, kind of photo....I try to get someone from Dave's extended family to take one when we're on family vacations, though, and sometimes they are not horrible.

  2. We just pick a 'scheme' like fall colors, pastels etc and everyone pretty much goes together. Pets- YES and the beauty of digital is you can take so many in different poses and spots, there is usually at least one gem in there.

  3. I love the picture of y'all in front of big blue! It's adorable. There's nothing more stressful than picking outfits for family pictures. Okay so that's a little dramatic, but seriously it's a decision we worry so much about! I don't think you were a reader when we did our last family photos so here

    Nick stayed neutral because he felt he looked best in that outfit. I put Ramona in stripes and pleats. I wore florals with a solid. We all had coordinating colors, but we were also all very different. I wish I would have gone for a smaller floral pattern though since smaller patterns are more flattering. It was like a thousand degrees out when we took those, so hair and makeup be damned in those pics.

  4. Your pictures will turn out great. I think family pictures are SO important. My family growing up rarely got family pictures. And it always made me sad. It's something my mom and dad really regret. Because getting us all in the same place at the same time now, is nearly impossible. Good luck and smile big!

  5. I love your family pictures! I especially like the one of you in front of your house. As for what to wear, I'm with Mollie D. Complementary colors, but not too match is my favorite choice. Maybe I've seen too many Awkward Family Photos with matching attire. :-) But I wouldn't sweat it a whole lot--the important thing is just to have a photo.


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