Monday, June 10, 2013

Finish the Furnishings

It appears as though I'm going to have many hours of furniture refinishing ahead of me. If you remember, I posted how Nate and I are prepping for the baby that hasn't happened yet. If we can't get pregnant- we fully plan to adopt- so we don't understand leaving good deals behind when there will be A BABY in this house eventually.

A few months ago, we scored the little dresser for $40 and the rocking chair for $15.

We also scored a little rocking footrest for the rocker at Home Goods for $20.

This weekend, we had another awesome find. I don't have a picture of my version as it's still in my trunk, but we scored a Jenny Lind crib for $20 at a Habitat for Humanity store! It was tucked behind a bunch of ironing boards. Someone was obviously hiding it to come back for it, someone obviously didn't know I'm a digger. Now, we weren't looking for a crib as that feels like the one piece that is super weird to get when there's actually no baby, but at the same time, if we budgeted $200 for one, why pass one up when you see it for $20?


Ours is older than these new ones but we measured the spacing and it is still up to code. We are not going to install the drop mechanism and bolt the sides in place to make it up to modern standards. It will also be getting an awesome paint job.

Then of course, while we were laying on the couch last night, prowling Craigslist thinking, "we have everything else, I wonder if we could find a Jenny Lind changing table on here" we found this awesome Jenny Lind inspired dresser with changing table on top for $50!

We have an appointment on Wednesday to go look at it, but I love the idea of actually having drawers to hold all stuff (especially since we don't have a linen closet- having a place to store extra crib sheets and stockpiles of socks is a good thing) then, when they get older, it just turns into a dresser instead of another piece of furniture in the basement.

I'm loving all these Jenny Lind spindles and am actually oddly excited to get in there with my paintbrush and start customizing these pieces!

If we get the above dresser on Wednesday, we will have furnished the whole nursery for under $140. Not too shabby if I do say so myself as it's less than the cost of us getting the one brand new crib. 

What did you guys score this weekend?


  1. Having lost a few nice pieces because I wanted to think about it first, I now grab an amazing find when I see it! Great job on finding so many pieces for $140!!

  2. it's going to be so cute when it's all together and painted to match- I can't wait to see it!

  3. nice work! jenny lind cribs make me all nostalgic, since that's what my first three babies had (well, gus never actually slept in it or anything, but it was there!) surest way to get pregnant with a fourth baby is to sell the crib ;). And I saw one somewhere the other day painted a fun color and I was kicking myself for the missed opportunity...can't wait to see what you do with yours :)

  4. Those are going to be beautiful all together. I love Jenny Lind pieces, but I have to admit that after reading this post (, I've pretty much sworn off them myself! Good luck with yours. :-)

    1. Ha! Ya know, when we did our dining table last year we actually had a very similar experience with citristrip. It really doesn't do anything...we are a Zip Strip house forever!

  5. Gorgeous pieces!!! That room is going to look amazing when it's done!!!

  6. Awesome find! I love how classic Jenny Lind is. I really wanted a twin JL bed for Ramona, but apparently so does the rest of the world. You are officially more prepared for a baby than I am. I would tell you to stop making me look bad, but I like reading about it too much!

  7. You make me feel so incompetent when it comes to nurseries. I need to start furniture hunting. Big time.


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