Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Google is Dead

I'm sure you've all heard by now that google reader is dying as of July 1. Please take a moment to follow me on bloglovin' so you stay up to date on all our crazy hyginx.

Which are coming.

I promise.

The sun is just out and it's really hard for me to bring my Michigan self to stay inside and work on projects.

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  1. I'm still upset about this. I did move to bloglovin though and don't like it near as much. I hate change!

  2. I am still pissed about google reader. I made the switch to bloglovin a little bit ago. But I am NOT happy about it. I miss google reader. It was so simple and easy.

  3. I'm refusing to believe this. I feel like it's an ongoing April's Fools joke. I'll show them. Or maybe I should back up to Bloglovin. ;)


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