Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The B Hive: All Moved In

Today I ran over to Brenna's new apartment to grab you guys some pictures- I felt it was needed especially after some of you began to rebel from me not having pictures on Monday.

I took pictures for you with you all having to remember that she's lived in the apartment for three days so you have to humor her!

As a reminder- this is what the unit looked like on Friday:

We have a lot of plans (and a second coat of paint to do in some places...) to finish redoing the coffee table and to give her dining set a coat of paint and some new upholstery. There's also things to do like actually hanging art where we want it and not just on nails that happened to be in the wall to get it off the floor.

When you first walk in Brenna's apartment there is a mudroom and an additional door. Then, through the second door is her living room. Which, as of now, looks a little something like this:

We got a lot of accessories for this room at IKEA and from Brenna's personal collection (the girl has a mild obsession with steampunk and victorian clutter- oh sorry, decorative items. (I tease- I have a problem with owls, she has a problem with phones and high wheels, no problem in that).

If you go through the kitchen door, on one side there's a cluster of additional cabinets, a pantry, and the fridge. On the other side is the stove, sink area and we put her table and chairs in there for an eat in kitchen.

The table and chairs will be getting a coat of Seal by Martha stewart and antique white. We did not paint the kitchen or cabinets.

Our favorite thing from the kitchen is this little doodad we got from IKEA. We may eventually plant herbs in there, but right now to conserve drawer space, we're using it for her silverware.

And again, it has subtle Brenna touches.

Back in the living room, we have the couch floating to allow B to store her random stuff while she's unpacking. We'll eventually put a little office back there.

One of my favorite vignettes we put up has to be on the entertainment center. The mirror is from IKEA and is so insanely Brenna it isn't even funny.

Then we face the bedroom which is through the french doors. To add a little sass, we painted the back wall a bright green.

Inside the bedroom, you'll usually find a Perry.

He really wanted to help show off his favorite room.

And for more of the bedroom... and yes, I did fluff the bed for this, but there was a terrier on the loose in there.

We got the birdcage for $9 at IKEA, but the bird was chartreuse so we gave it a quick spray of white. She also has a little dresser in  there, but it was covered in crap- so maybe I'll show you that another day.

Attached to Brenna's bedroom is her bathroom, but we didn't make any changes in there.

She's also lucky enough to have a big wrap around porch just to herself.

And there ya have it! That's what we've gotten done at the B Hive so far! It's been a lot of work so we're taking a break from making improvements to simply let her and Perry get used to living there.

Woo! Go Team! What do you guys think so far?


  1. Have been tapping my toe!!!!! LOL!!!!

    It looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You girls did a fantastic job!! I really love the green wall, and all the black accents. The flat is just so me it's crazy!!

    I really love the flatware in that wall caddy, far cuter than herbs I think. :-)

    Keep up the good work - can't wait to see that dining set all painted too.

    FUN!!!! Congrats on a killer job!

    1. I'm glad you love it! I promise to get better pictures and stuff of everything as we complete projects. Thanks!

  2. It's really looking cute so far :) I love the accent wall :)

    1. It's called Japanese Fern! Super fun!

  3. O.......M..........G............. You ran the same post twice?????!!!!!!

    1. Hi! I'm not sure what you mean- this post went up last night and has only been published once. I hope you like it regardless!

  4. After only a few days in there, it's looking really good!! And the cute dog certainly doesn't hurt :)

  5. Its so cute! Really looking like a home. Love that mirror too! Sweet little Perry seems to love his new home. Does he miss his three furry friends? Great job so far chickies!

  6. ...and I adore the way the green wall peeks thru those doors! Great idea and great color!

  7. looking good! I think I have that same lamp that's in the living room....with the circle shelf things? from target? in my library.

  8. I would have killed for a place like this when I lived on my own. Instead, I lived in a scary apartment in the ghetto of downtown Salt Lake... by myself. It was terrifying. And the apartment didn't even have cute character. The B HIve seems absolutely perfect for her.


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