Monday, June 3, 2013

The Timeline of Being a Best Friend.

We officially have Brenna in her apartment and she has been sleeping there for two nights.

My house is very quiet.

However, this did not come without a lot of time and effort. Brenna's lived on her own before but it was in college with 4 other girls. This is the first time where she really has to have everything by herself. This involved a lot of, "holy shit, I don't have a colander- how do I make pasta without a colander" or, "ugghhhh I need handsoap..." trips to target and the dollar store.

But here's where the weekend went.

 I worked my usual shift, and was supposed to go to a baby shower in Chicago. However, when I saw this I decided to stay home.

I called my friend and say I have to miss the party. Spend the rest of the evening angrily cleaning my house until Brenna got off work at 8.

Went over to the B Hive at 8 and began the overhaul.

I forgot to wear gloves while I KILZed again. I got polka dotted.

After the kilz dried a bit (and a lot of Diet Coke was consumed) we began putting color up.

We used Nimbus Cloud by Martha in the living room, and Opal by Martha in the bedroom with one accent wall of Japanese Fern (so you could see a little bit of color through the french doors)

I finally crawled into bed at about 3:30a.m.

When we woke up it was officially crunch time. After a quick round of weeding and watering the front lawn (because that storm had yet to show it's face) we started getting all of Brenna's stuff together.

I continued to angrily clean and organize.

When Brenna got off work, we met her at her apartment just as her parents were arriving with the uhaul from Ohio.

Then the chaos ensued as everything was unloaded and crammed into the apartment. Don't you just hate how everything looks much smaller when it's unorganized?

Then her parents met Perry.

Yep. I'm the crazy friend who let Brenna get a dog while she was living with me. And of course, she didn't want to tell her parents until they could meet him. If you follow us on Instagram you've seen a couple sneak peeks of him, but I wasn't officially allowed to reveal him until he was formally introduced.

World, meet Perry. This is him pre-haircut.

He's kind of disgustingly adorable and sweet. He should come with a warning label that he may cause naps.

After dinner with Brenna's parents, we nested a little bit, then collapsed into bed at about 11.

On Sunday, Nate and I enjoyed our first morning in 9 weeks alone. We watched crappy movies, made a giant breakfast and gasp. took a freaking nap.

Then around 7 we went to Brenna's house to help her get some stuff back together.

Since we napped all day yesterday, we do not have a full reveal of the apartment- that will be coming later this week. In the mean time, enjoy this picture of Perry on him and Brenna's new bed.

We got home at midnight and went straight to bed.

How was your guys' weekend?


  1. jeez louise that is a lot of work for one weekend! I can't wait to see how it looks, I like those colors.

  2. That dog is so adorable! What a cutie :) It sounds like you put in a lot of work on the apartment, and I can't wait to see it all :)

  3. Napping is good. Lol Brenna is so lucky to have a friend like you! Way to tease about the paint colors and then not show us the pics! Jerk! ;-)

  4. Perry is the cutest thing ever. I really love the colors you all picked out. I'm disappointed there aren't more pictures of you guys actually painting. I am DYING to see the bhive. DO IT NOW!

  5. I love Perry. And those paint colors are pretty nice, too. Show us the walls!

  6. Brenna's got it good with a cute house and an adorable pup!


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